Thursday, March 31, 2016

Love and Lust

Love is a thin film transparent
Hidden under is thickly lust!
Love is water layer over the eye-ball
While lust is the vision organ whole
When lust takes over without fears
Love bleeds in form of tears
Eyes get dried up with lust repent
For the water layer of love spent
Once a drop of love falls down
Never returns back to the crown
Love is a thin film transparent
Hidden under is thickly lust!
Bright color of a flower is love
The flower itself being the lust
Love vapors make sky furnished
Lust consumed once is finished
Like iron eaten away to rust
Love is a thin film transparent
Hidden under is thickly lust!
Love is soft, simple and delicate
Lust being beastly and fabricate
Love sustains with care like a fair
Lust knows no care but brutal share
Both survive with care and share
Togetherness of second after the first
Love is a thin film transparent
Hidden under is thickly lust!
Space is the warmth of love
Matter lusty storms and stones
Open to all choosing warmth or storms
Pain of love or pleasure of bust
Love is a thin film transparent
Hidden under is thickly lust!
Love is pious, stressed even by touch
Sustains views through watery eyes
But every love has lust hidden behind
Inseparable like body and mind
Lust is not bad under cover of love
But kills love when it becomes first
Love is a thin film transparent
Hidden under is thickly lust!
Love and lust are games of pleasures
Platonic and physical treasures
Love always gives out its best
While the Lust gets even the worst
Love never fails in giving
Lust failing to get is in disgust
Thus, love leads to happiness
Frustration is in the fate of lust
Love is a thin film transparent
Hidden under is thickly lust!
Love and lust meet in kissing prison
Like Earth and Sky meet at horizon
It's where love and lust superimpose
Love is just touch of lips
Exchange of saliva lust proposes
Minds unify with touching sentiment
Bodies unify with saliva nourishment
With this, the love stays stable
Even with coexistence of lust
Love is a thin film transparent

Hidden under is thickly lust!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

O' My Love !

O' my Love !
I hear you cry -  
Your love is gone
Never to return
You thought of it wrong
Love is in you like a song
Open your eyes
Find it all around
In fragrance of flowers
In oceanic sound
Hence, love, my dear, love !!

O' My Love !
You said - you would get love back
You would resurrect it
No, my dear, it's not gone
For it is immortal
Has been with you
Would be with you
To make you feel total
Forever, forever
Hence, love, my dear, love !!

O' My Love !
You are real, as I am
Love is a phenomenon,
Not personification
Exists till we are one
So let us be forever
Hale, healthy and happy
To keep our love forever
Hence, love, my dear, love !!

O' My Love !
Mere imaginations and memories
Don't make-up life
Body nurtures on real food
Mind on real relations
So be on the ground
With joys and smiles
Among real things around
No frustration but elations
In every experience of life
Hence, love, my dear, love !!

O' My Love !
World is so large to find
Newness of what is lost
If you keep your chase
For what doesn't exist today
You are sensing a mirage
To become another mirage
To find nothing, to reach nowhere
Without a blaze
Hence, love, my dear, love !!

O' My Love !
Life is too long to live alone
Or with dissatisfaction of the heart
Need to pursue instinctive notions
Without feeling forlorn
Illusions don't work
In matters of emotions
Path is rough and tough
Need to pair to move on
Like legs, arms, eyes and so on
Hence, love, my dear, love !!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Why I Go Wrong Always !

Things are not as I suppose
Things go not as I propose
I often go wrong in understanding
People, faces, words and acts
I was swayed by a person -
She said, this is not me but my profession
I was swayed by a face -
She said, it is not me but a mask
I was swayed by words -
She said, these are not mine but of poetess me
I was swayed by an act
She said, this is not mine but of my compulsion
Hence, I go wrong always -
Things are not as I suppose
Things go not as I propose

What has gone wrong with me
Or the people around
I pondered over to find
I move on classic unitary line
Without playing dual roles
Same outside as inside
Same in word and deed
Same in seed and feed
Not smart indeed
Hence, I go wrong always -
Things are not as I suppose
Things go not as I propose

People around are modern
Diplomacy their favorite term
They play duel, triple or quadruple roles
With none knowing what next
They change color like frogs
Bark and shake tail like dogs  
Better managers, better reference terms
Not individuals strong
But institutions and firms
Hence, I go wrong always -
Things are not as I suppose
Things go not as I propose

I loved, she said -
I too love you but I am married
Fail to comprehend her words
If love and marriage are inclusive
Why she loves me
And if exclusive, what is the hesitation
Anyway, I had said -
Keep your marriage intact
And let us love as we like
We happily agreed
With she playing duel role -
As a wife and a beloved
But under covers confidential
With sympathies, I love her intense
And I conclude -
Marriage and love are exclusive
With none else agreeing with me
In open, concurring in mind
Again a play duel
Hence, I go wrong always -
Things are not as I suppose

Things go not as I propose

Monday, March 28, 2016

Beauty in Innocence

Intelligent people think
To lose their natural innocence
Tactics and Strategies make their life
Away from natural living
And its fragrant fluorescence
Through thoughts so sterilized
Humanity is badly insensitized

Still, all is not lost
There are sensitive people
Wholly humane with their innocence
Imprinted on their beautiful faces
Know not tactics, strategy or intelligence
Keeping human spirit alive
Thro' their work of integrated diligence

I saw such a face of a human-being  
Thought - the face appears own
A persona satisfies my lovely dream
Without knowing her well
Suffixed adjective 'purity' to the gleam
Since then, the image makes a human icon
I value her, let none else reckon

Purity, integrated and composed
Still struggles in the cruel world
For her existence  
Calm and quiet, never reposed
Never says a word even if provoked
For she, a flower fearing thorns around
Eager to tear her apart

Purity too wishes to smile and laugh as others
With her modesty and serenity of mind
So pretty looks she with smile suppressed
Iconic Monalisa steals the versatile
Whatever be in her mind, she never tells
Therefore none knows her so well

Yet I feel to put my humble hand on her head
To say that I am here to help in feeling sour
Any time, any way, in her life
In her struggles, in her strife

For I am that thorn to protect all flowers

Platonic Love

Soaked in thoughts of you
Body missing, just emotional view
Stripped off my love from lust to make it pure,
Needing nothing worldly crust
Touches, kisses but a feel just
Feel you close to me like never before !

Exposure enlightened, no need of covers
For separate identities of ours
With oneness of our minds and souls,
Making now a unit complete
Free from worldly ties in feet
Ceasing to have individual roles!

 Physically we are far apart
Closeness needing always dart
Time running fast, can't wait for unity
In command of my arrow n bow
The oneness I am having now
Can't be sweeter any vanity!

I become you when you are with me
But with you away, I feel blessed
By what you have never been to me -
Sensuously kissing fully pressed
Kiss seeping deep in core of me
Playing with every pore of me
Makes life fully unstressed!

Dream of our togetherness
May not come true in foreseen future
But never mind, my darling sweet
Age belongs to our love, let dream find no nurture
Lifelong be our isolation
Still we love, we love in still
Races of time n space
Would never cope with our skill!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

I am the Thorn made for Flowers

Rough tough a thorn
As I am born
To protect flowers
From enemies unknown
Who hate me, gave me the name
For I am there to punish them
For misdeeds against flowers
And make them defame !!

Flowers are mine
Live in my heart tender
Make me feel happy
For the service I render
Every color so neat
Every fragrance so sweet
Of flowers residing in me
Are my messengers !!

I am disciplined
Like others to be the same
By agreeing or for fear of force
As civilization progressed
On helm of discipline
Curtailing wild source
Of natural force
Wild past of life on the Earth
With discipline, found worth !!

Flowers are source of life
So tender and sweet
Everyone wants to cheat
To possess and to hold in grips
To sip the nectar from
To bite the petal lips
And thus destroy the source of life
I am here to keep watch
To keep the life going on
By protecting the flowers
Without will to possess
Without wish to own !!

I respecting as source of my life
As reason for my existence
As responsibility on my shoulders
An above all
As my equal companions forever
Hence I make them smile by my gaze
Make them laugh by my pinches
Make them to feel high by my humility
Wish them all the best
For ever pleasing the humanity !!

Flowers on the Earth
Never fear of me
I won't touch you for making scratches
But for your caressing pleasure
Putting you on canvas of my mind
Making your sketches
Fear me not for I love you
I adore you, I honor you
I bow for you to be with me

As a lion bows for the lioness !!

If You wish to Go

If you wish to go
For any reason you know
You go, get blind
Without caring for my sow
Seeds of love in your mind
But please don't tell me lies
To convince me
You get busy as time flies !

Not finding time to love
Being too busy to sit in peace
Are mere excuses for a strife
As there can be none
Having no time to love
It being an essential part and parcel of life

Please keep a chance alive
In future if we meet in some hive
We are able to say hello with smiles
Without shame of deceiving
Without grievances in piles
You have the right to choose
From my love eternal 
And offers from others
Like a preying goose !

It is an art of management
Not to say in words
But through change in facial expressions
I sensed a sudden change in you
Not a word on lips
Anger under great repression
I understand the reason
But assert my right to self-esteem
Would never have a compromise
Whatever be the temptation !

I am a World in myself
Not a part of the wretched World
You like it or not
My thought makes my word
And action based on that word
The World is so large
To provide us spaces exclusive
So why deceive you or me
Feel free, why excursive !

In a love affair
Right to choose is not open forever
It is today but sealed for future
So think today
Twice, thrice or times many
Before being a part of me
For making life a symphony !

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dreams far from Real, hence remain Unsold

Dreams may be liked by many but not me
For seeing a plot of destiny behind
Turning away me for nothing to find
I wish to embrace reality, sleeping or awake
Reality defying dreams, sorrows unfold
Dreams far from real, hence remain unsold !!

Dreams may be wishes untold or future unfold
But serving no purpose, though shine like gold
Desist dreaming if in active control
But, alas ! in dreaming, I find a role
These come and go like shades of clouds float
Dreams far from real, hence remain unsold !!

Dreams, dreams, go away let come in real
Clear passage blocks for imagination flocks
You are not loved for your control defiance
Or, make us work up like plans reliance
Plans work, even day-dreams unfold
Dreams far from real, hence remain unsold !!

Once a reality is lost, in dreaming frost
Difficult to catch on , go on paying the cost
While in bed, senses disturbed, cause a dream
Avoid dreaming, providing body ease and clean
Body comforted, mind finds peace untold
Dreams far from real, hence remain unsold !!

If dreams, sweet dreams is my dream desolate
Whispers, storms, thunders, scream ultimate
Because reality is deceiving again and again
Life has to go on, dry or pleasures regain
Desires arouse, control lost, imagination unfold

Dreams far from real, hence remain unsold !!

My Friend Annemieke Van Schooten

Second of Profiles of My Friends as Midnight-Impulse

The joy well Defined

People are not the same, all
Some keep in their slumber of comforts
While some others keep awake for a call
What makes a difference in terms, long
Is in health, slumber pulling toward death
Awakening enriches life, away from wrath
Yes, my dear Anne, it is where we meet
Our paths align, smiles forever, so sweet !!

You are a role model, in health and thoughts
For the suffering humanity going to clots
Like herds, conforming yet called humans
Know not their caliber, know not true sermons
You are love, you are light, for foes and friends
Humble are your ways with folded hands
Yes, my dear Anne, it is where we meet
Our paths align, smiles forever, so sweet !!

Your life is not limited by age and years
But continues forever wiping tears
For those suffering for vested misguidance
You are the knowledge against ignorance
Thus, you would be residing in memory
From generations to generations like ivory
Yes, my dear Anne, it is where we meet
Our paths align, smiles forever, so sweet !!

I remember your words - we are soul-mates
But of out of this world, where only love persists
With light and hope, all souls surging, converging
To be equal mates with dominance none insists
This is the apex of all relationships, far and wide
With no names of individuals, on platonic joyride
Yes, my dear Anne, it is where we meet
Our paths align, smiles forever, so sweet !!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Insult to Diffusion in Love

It has been so not once, not twice but again and again
When I diffuse myself in your love, you act like coming in
For throwing me out of your mind, after you get entertain !

You ask me to wait when go for something like a meal
Never to return, to show your disinterest in me
To force me to leave you free from madness of my love
I go away to respect your wish with my feelings oppressed,
But again when you wish to play with my emotions,
To get benefit of my weakness for you, you call me again
For throwing me out of your mind, after you get entertain !

You never realize what you have been doing
Torturing me to nothingness close to my death
In the name of your love, tossing me up and down
Pushing me into the worst agony of my life with a wrath
I pray, please don't strangulate me with your chain
For throwing me out of your mind, after you get entertain !

Me too a human-being, though sublime in love for you
I am emotional, wish a treatment I do in your presence
Have limits of tolerance, for waiting, while being ignored
I can bear anything but not insults to my sentiments
For waiting in your love, you keep on enjoying my pain
For throwing me out of your mind, after you get entertain !

You have cut me off from the self, with your game
I am frustrated and disgusted with none to help
So please leave me alone, go your own way
With those favorites who you feel are fair to you
Your game has been crushing me to inflict unbearable pain
For throwing me out of your mind, after you get entertain !

Since such a matter are thorns among flowers of love
Need quick resolution through expressions like 'sorry'
From the person under the cloud
In game of love, there is no winner or a loser
Both win or lose together with the result allowed.
None must be allowed to feel down or in drain  
For throwing me out of your mind, after you get entertain !

Pain of Loneliness of my Kingfisher

Pain of my Kingfisher
Many years have passed in this symphony
Living in my garden, a Kingfisher gives me company
Sitting on a tree branch, keeps me watching
Some resemblance in life, he seems feeling
Feeling some sameness of pains and pleasures
In our minds as memorial treasures
I too watch him curiously
Feeling his pains of loneliness seriously
Through a psychological bridge in between
For nine months a year when none needs him
Only activity he often involves, I found
Every twenty minutes or so, flies he down
To my garden bath tub full of water, for a quick dip
And returning back to the branch to dry up for the next trip
He keeps quiet like me, sitting alone
As if the life has no purpose, no mission own
For nine months a year except the weather spring
When a counterpart needs him as procreator being
She comes, sits with him on the tree branch
Makes him happy with promise of loving trance
Emotions played upon, his pains worked upon
Thinking his days of loneliness are gone
He agrees to the need
Provides to her, his procreative seed
He takes her to his apartment reserved
Safe and comfortable, private and undisturbed
In wall of bore-well in the garden
Treating me as his appointed warden
They play inside, often go for outing together
Cheerfully with plans for long future together
Eggs are laid and hatched, babies are protected
And fed with insect delicacies by him selected
With hope of having a family life forever unobstructed
But, as the spring comes to end
Babies learn flying becoming independent
She takes the babies and flies away, flies away
No request of staying heeded, she got what she needed
Yet, I hear her saying -
'Good bye, my love, I would come,
When I need and find else none'
Leaving my Kingfisher alone, dreams shattered and gone
With tears silent, sitting on the tree branch alone
All alone again, like me since ever forlorn
People come for entertaining themselves
Through playing on my emotions and pains of loneliness
And go off to find better pastures
Leaving me with my lone gestures
This has been happening with none to help
Still I bend to fool myself
With some hope, but all in vain
Like my kingfisher's pain


How Painful, It Is to Love

How Painful, It is to Love
A worker toils the whole day for making their two ends meet
At the end of the day
Body exhausted, flowed out all the sweat
Finds none to see the work and pay
Goes back home empty handed, nothing to say
To their empty belly, adds few sips of water
Which hurts, rather than eliminating the hunger
You may say 'sorry' to them and laugh out the matter
But it hurts me, leaving me scatter
For I know how much painful it is
For a lamp to burn waiting without hope fuel
Like trying to satisfy the hunger with water cruel
Because I am the worker who toiled
Craving in the dark night, how I coiled!
A poet dries up their blood shedding tears
Whole night to empower poetic words, evading fears
Morning arrives with full composition of morrow
Finds the World too lusty to listen to the poem of sorrow
What to do of the poem, and the emotions expressed
Composition valueless today, in future would it be assessed
The words made of blood bite them back, like dogs hound
You may say 'sorry' to them, and laugh the matter out
But it hurts me like spreading darkness, switching off light
For I know how painful it is to write the whole night
And find the World illiterate to the poetic words tried
Because I am the Poet who composed
Reverberating words, dark night, how I silently cried!
A lover waits for their beloved
Whole night feeling bluffed
Brute Sun arises with emptiness all around
Disappears the hope of arrival of the beloved
Wonders why they are there, what may be their role
Weeps in loneliness, none to tap shoulder to console
Lover's life lost in waiting, not even a shout
You may say 'sorry' to them, and laugh the matter out
But it hurts me like taking away somebody's birtright
For I know how painful it is to wait for the whole night
And find the beloved having nothing to realize
Because I am the lover who waited
Streaming tears, blank life, how I capsize!


Love beyond Mortality

Heard thousands of times 'I love you'
With every love dying some day
Thought the clause is futile
Having no hopeful way
Stopped 'I love you' saying
For our love would finish never
We exist or not in the Cosmos
Vibrations of our love
Would be here forever, forever
Would be teaching lovers
On how to love, love forever

With our love continuing to exist
I exist, my beloved exists
We exist in unison
thro' vibrations of our love forever
So powerful is that love
Nothing capsizes it,
Nothing paralyzes it
Remains as intense as it is today
Beyond any apprehension
Beyond any imagination

Love dies of those
Who behave dead while loving
Following what is dictated to them
With no thinking of their own
With no innovation in loving
Dropping a few drops is their love
That procreates more dummies
Dead like the fathers

Their Love that begins with sex
Bases itself on lusty needs
Putting bodies before the mind
Once the need is over, love too is over.
Our love is different -
Began with feelings soft and delicate
For each other,
Evolved into a need for care and share
That aroused fantasy of sex passionate
Thus our love puts mind first, bodies later

We have been loving for generations
With nothing to repeat, nothing to follow
Actions new every ever forever
Because we are alive and floating
We have a supercharged brain
Of millions and millions of neurons
With every neuron telling us
A new way of life, a new way of loving !

Sometimes, we are as fine as spider thread
And steel strong at other
Sometimes, we laugh in ecstasy
At other, weep holding hands together
Sometimes, we are thunder storms
Dead still at other
We are new at every moment
Our actions are different in every second.

Only common factor in our love
Is togetherness of we two
No thought of none else
No tempt from some other
This factor provides unique strength

To our love to live forever, forever
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