Monday, March 28, 2016

Beauty in Innocence

Intelligent people think
To lose their natural innocence
Tactics and Strategies make their life
Away from natural living
And its fragrant fluorescence
Through thoughts so sterilized
Humanity is badly insensitized

Still, all is not lost
There are sensitive people
Wholly humane with their innocence
Imprinted on their beautiful faces
Know not tactics, strategy or intelligence
Keeping human spirit alive
Thro' their work of integrated diligence

I saw such a face of a human-being  
Thought - the face appears own
A persona satisfies my lovely dream
Without knowing her well
Suffixed adjective 'purity' to the gleam
Since then, the image makes a human icon
I value her, let none else reckon

Purity, integrated and composed
Still struggles in the cruel world
For her existence  
Calm and quiet, never reposed
Never says a word even if provoked
For she, a flower fearing thorns around
Eager to tear her apart

Purity too wishes to smile and laugh as others
With her modesty and serenity of mind
So pretty looks she with smile suppressed
Iconic Monalisa steals the versatile
Whatever be in her mind, she never tells
Therefore none knows her so well

Yet I feel to put my humble hand on her head
To say that I am here to help in feeling sour
Any time, any way, in her life
In her struggles, in her strife

For I am that thorn to protect all flowers


  1. Such a beautiful poem, Ram. I really enjoyed reading it. And wish I can write with such a lucid flow. I'll be coming here to read more of your poems. Thank you for sharing your blog with me. :)

    1. Thank you very much Shanaz dear for appreciation, for I need such encouragements being new to the field of Poetry..What you see on this blog is all that I have tried to create in this field..


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