Sunday, March 27, 2016

I am the Thorn made for Flowers

Rough tough a thorn
As I am born
To protect flowers
From enemies unknown
Who hate me, gave me the name
For I am there to punish them
For misdeeds against flowers
And make them defame !!

Flowers are mine
Live in my heart tender
Make me feel happy
For the service I render
Every color so neat
Every fragrance so sweet
Of flowers residing in me
Are my messengers !!

I am disciplined
Like others to be the same
By agreeing or for fear of force
As civilization progressed
On helm of discipline
Curtailing wild source
Of natural force
Wild past of life on the Earth
With discipline, found worth !!

Flowers are source of life
So tender and sweet
Everyone wants to cheat
To possess and to hold in grips
To sip the nectar from
To bite the petal lips
And thus destroy the source of life
I am here to keep watch
To keep the life going on
By protecting the flowers
Without will to possess
Without wish to own !!

I respecting as source of my life
As reason for my existence
As responsibility on my shoulders
An above all
As my equal companions forever
Hence I make them smile by my gaze
Make them laugh by my pinches
Make them to feel high by my humility
Wish them all the best
For ever pleasing the humanity !!

Flowers on the Earth
Never fear of me
I won't touch you for making scratches
But for your caressing pleasure
Putting you on canvas of my mind
Making your sketches
Fear me not for I love you
I adore you, I honor you
I bow for you to be with me

As a lion bows for the lioness !!

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