Sunday, March 27, 2016

If You wish to Go

If you wish to go
For any reason you know
You go, get blind
Without caring for my sow
Seeds of love in your mind
But please don't tell me lies
To convince me
You get busy as time flies !

Not finding time to love
Being too busy to sit in peace
Are mere excuses for a strife
As there can be none
Having no time to love
It being an essential part and parcel of life

Please keep a chance alive
In future if we meet in some hive
We are able to say hello with smiles
Without shame of deceiving
Without grievances in piles
You have the right to choose
From my love eternal 
And offers from others
Like a preying goose !

It is an art of management
Not to say in words
But through change in facial expressions
I sensed a sudden change in you
Not a word on lips
Anger under great repression
I understand the reason
But assert my right to self-esteem
Would never have a compromise
Whatever be the temptation !

I am a World in myself
Not a part of the wretched World
You like it or not
My thought makes my word
And action based on that word
The World is so large
To provide us spaces exclusive
So why deceive you or me
Feel free, why excursive !

In a love affair
Right to choose is not open forever
It is today but sealed for future
So think today
Twice, thrice or times many
Before being a part of me
For making life a symphony !

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  1. Goodmorning !
    I like it again, like to read your posts.
    X Henny X


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