Thursday, March 24, 2016

Love beyond Mortality

Heard thousands of times 'I love you'
With every love dying some day
Thought the clause is futile
Having no hopeful way
Stopped 'I love you' saying
For our love would finish never
We exist or not in the Cosmos
Vibrations of our love
Would be here forever, forever
Would be teaching lovers
On how to love, love forever

With our love continuing to exist
I exist, my beloved exists
We exist in unison
thro' vibrations of our love forever
So powerful is that love
Nothing capsizes it,
Nothing paralyzes it
Remains as intense as it is today
Beyond any apprehension
Beyond any imagination

Love dies of those
Who behave dead while loving
Following what is dictated to them
With no thinking of their own
With no innovation in loving
Dropping a few drops is their love
That procreates more dummies
Dead like the fathers

Their Love that begins with sex
Bases itself on lusty needs
Putting bodies before the mind
Once the need is over, love too is over.
Our love is different -
Began with feelings soft and delicate
For each other,
Evolved into a need for care and share
That aroused fantasy of sex passionate
Thus our love puts mind first, bodies later

We have been loving for generations
With nothing to repeat, nothing to follow
Actions new every ever forever
Because we are alive and floating
We have a supercharged brain
Of millions and millions of neurons
With every neuron telling us
A new way of life, a new way of loving !

Sometimes, we are as fine as spider thread
And steel strong at other
Sometimes, we laugh in ecstasy
At other, weep holding hands together
Sometimes, we are thunder storms
Dead still at other
We are new at every moment
Our actions are different in every second.

Only common factor in our love
Is togetherness of we two
No thought of none else
No tempt from some other
This factor provides unique strength

To our love to live forever, forever

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