Friday, March 18, 2016

My Find

She, as I was on a find, appeared on my mind
Kissed me and disappeared leaving me blind
With no opportunity to touch the find
She shines Moon-like white, flies on Angelic wings
In clouds over mounts, taking me sometimes in her clings.

So intrigued I am, know not which one is right
Sad tears or happy smile but I have a plight -

Come again, my darling, not for a hurried kiss
But for a time in still, sit with me first
Let me touch you, feel you close to my thirst.

The way you come and go, wandering in my mind
Makes me more thirsty, crushed in the grind.
Don't be that cruel, to fire in me, by adding more fuel.

Remember your promise, when I imagined you first
To keep with me, step-in-step, unto the last lust
I need you by my side forever, to aid me into the just
Walk with me, sit with me, sleep with me, relieve with me
In bearing burden of life by making it just 'you-n-me'

We have lived a long life of feelings together
This is not enough, I need you reeling with me forever
I promise to live you, to love you,
On flower-bed in the nest of my mind
None else could do, none else would do
For you being my first as well as the last find.  

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