Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Morning Star

Love that began with a tiny drop,
Evolved into an ocean
Submerging us deep into the sop !

I view your picture, beauty simplified and embodied,
Smiling buds tend opening rosy petals, incomparable indeed !!
That red mark in between your eyebrows is my Morning Star,
Shows me path when all around is dark.

I love it, kiss it with four eyes closed,
Imagination comes alive
Feel you in my arms since ever I supposed
The Morning Star attracts n inspires
As my lips slide down to reach rosy petals
Ignited get body and mind with fires

I am not a poet, nor know Poetry,
Only an impulsive narrator of what goes on in my mind,
Under your magical spell,
Never leave me, my darling, for dropping me back in hell!!

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