Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pain of Loneliness of my Kingfisher

Pain of my Kingfisher
Many years have passed in this symphony
Living in my garden, a Kingfisher gives me company
Sitting on a tree branch, keeps me watching
Some resemblance in life, he seems feeling
Feeling some sameness of pains and pleasures
In our minds as memorial treasures
I too watch him curiously
Feeling his pains of loneliness seriously
Through a psychological bridge in between
For nine months a year when none needs him
Only activity he often involves, I found
Every twenty minutes or so, flies he down
To my garden bath tub full of water, for a quick dip
And returning back to the branch to dry up for the next trip
He keeps quiet like me, sitting alone
As if the life has no purpose, no mission own
For nine months a year except the weather spring
When a counterpart needs him as procreator being
She comes, sits with him on the tree branch
Makes him happy with promise of loving trance
Emotions played upon, his pains worked upon
Thinking his days of loneliness are gone
He agrees to the need
Provides to her, his procreative seed
He takes her to his apartment reserved
Safe and comfortable, private and undisturbed
In wall of bore-well in the garden
Treating me as his appointed warden
They play inside, often go for outing together
Cheerfully with plans for long future together
Eggs are laid and hatched, babies are protected
And fed with insect delicacies by him selected
With hope of having a family life forever unobstructed
But, as the spring comes to end
Babies learn flying becoming independent
She takes the babies and flies away, flies away
No request of staying heeded, she got what she needed
Yet, I hear her saying -
'Good bye, my love, I would come,
When I need and find else none'
Leaving my Kingfisher alone, dreams shattered and gone
With tears silent, sitting on the tree branch alone
All alone again, like me since ever forlorn
People come for entertaining themselves
Through playing on my emotions and pains of loneliness
And go off to find better pastures
Leaving me with my lone gestures
This has been happening with none to help
Still I bend to fool myself
With some hope, but all in vain
Like my kingfisher's pain


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  1. Nice again, i like to read your things ! Have a nice day :*


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