Monday, March 28, 2016

Platonic Love

Soaked in thoughts of you
Body missing, just emotional view
Stripped off my love from lust to make it pure,
Needing nothing worldly crust
Touches, kisses but a feel just
Feel you close to me like never before !

Exposure enlightened, no need of covers
For separate identities of ours
With oneness of our minds and souls,
Making now a unit complete
Free from worldly ties in feet
Ceasing to have individual roles!

 Physically we are far apart
Closeness needing always dart
Time running fast, can't wait for unity
In command of my arrow n bow
The oneness I am having now
Can't be sweeter any vanity!

I become you when you are with me
But with you away, I feel blessed
By what you have never been to me -
Sensuously kissing fully pressed
Kiss seeping deep in core of me
Playing with every pore of me
Makes life fully unstressed!

Dream of our togetherness
May not come true in foreseen future
But never mind, my darling sweet
Age belongs to our love, let dream find no nurture
Lifelong be our isolation
Still we love, we love in still
Races of time n space
Would never cope with our skill!

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