Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sensuality Instinctive

How sensuous a maid can be
Realized I on kissing her forehead in blossom
Her body trembled vigorously
Grasped me to hold tight close to her bosom
Her cheeks rubbing on mine
Desired she chewing her petals rosy
With my lips thirsty for long yet cozy.

As she put around my neck her silken arms
Pulling my head close to her charms
I held her with one arm on her shoulder
Another on her butts to pull her closer
Her soles rode on my feet
Literally she hung on my neck

Lips travelling lips to cheeks to eyes so rich
Downward to neck to touch the sensitive switch
The touch played miracle on her mind
Undressing me for reaching her whole find
Helped her to slid down her thin robe
Puffy balls rubbed my chest
Highly desirous for quenching the quest

Things went out of control in ecstasy galore
Fell we in each other's arms on the floor
Kisses wild, thighs rubbed, feet touched
Happenings went with no plan
Came the ultimate moment with a cry
Bodies burst with each other's role
Falling like a wounded bird in the pool
Created from our bodies and souls
Thus, a casual touch of lips on the forehead
Lead us to the whole set of action
Bodies sweating needing no sanction
None taught us this lesson distinctive
Still happened for being instinctive
Proving that what we know of our soul

Is only a fraction of our knowledge whole

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