Thursday, March 17, 2016

Touches Immortal

I love her, I know ! she loves me, I hope
Thus, love exists
Though the gaps are too wide to bind in rope

Holding oceans of love in her heart
With incessant ripples, she is the Earth
With longings for nibbles !

Cursed to wander around the beloved
No touch even feeble, I am the Moon
Flying high in the sky, helplessly watching
The oceanic ripples !!

Alas !
Our love were a cage
With we muddy mortals, not any sage.
The liberation, our love represents
Is a torture on us for the pain it sends

Alas !
We had some strings attached
Signalling our feelings, now getting ransacked.

Wish, the Moon to burst scattering its fragments
On the beloved Earth for the touches immortal
We long for, we are dying every moment for  

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