Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Two Faces of Love

I imagined, I realized, I experienced
Two faces of coin, called love - still and inflamed,
Complementary, supplementary as well, at different times as we framed.

Reach the climax slowly uprising storm
Bodies on fire knowing no norm

And then, with mutual consent -
Harness the storm to stop at command,
Be still there, bodies fully submerged in still pool of bond.

No sense of where, no sense of Why,
Let time be still no whisper, no sigh.
Eyes closed, cheek on cheek, lips closing on lips
Bodies dead-still with no flips.
With no differentiation or distinction,
Let hours pass by in the love of affliction.

Dreamy eyes open with smiles brilliant,
No will to leave the world jubilant.  

Another face of love
Is fiery and furious from beginning to end,
Storm builds up gradually, speed picks up fiercely
Bodies fragmenting, scattering like flying sand.

Climax unimaginable with bodies thunder-exploding,
Falling back into one undistinguishable in flooding  !
Hours needed again to come to sense,
None able to make out cause and hence.

Try the two on different occasions,
To satiate the feelings in situational apprehensions !  
For bodies tired, rejuvenates the first,
Relaxed ones, second quenches the thirst.  

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