Sunday, March 13, 2016

You Made My Life

So lonely, forgotten I was alive,
You came with honeyed lips, 
Shaken me to claim my life back from the hive.

I am awake for feel of your fragrance around.
Senses revived now live with your rhythmic sound.
Wish to live forever sipping the nectar of love - 
you are an ocean of.
Live me and love me but never go off.

Don't leave me, my dear ! counted dead again,
My life is yours, let dead body others claim.
With you, don't want a life with a mission
But make life itself a mission
To exhibit to others that we are here forever.

We need to train ourselves into a way adopted never
Except by the divine we thousands of years from here.
Of being on right path leading us towards our goal, enriching our soul
For a never-ending furtherance I wish an assurance
From you in a new role.

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