Saturday, April 30, 2016

Basics of Life I Follow

If you wish to deal with me
Know me well
Know the principles
I bear in heart, so well

Read somebody saying -
Fools display anger, only wise feel angry
On two counts, I beg to disagree -
If you are right,
For every wrong, feeling anger is your right
And its display is also your right
Secondly, you must display if you feel
To be true to your feel
But display means not -
A physical battle to fight
Or, an abusive oratory deal
Display means -
Let the other person know how you feel

Anger exists in me with pleasure
Ready for use, appropriate one
In every interaction
If I am to react to a situation
It would be pleasure or anger
With situational appropriation

In all fields, I don't endeavor
Wherever I do
I do with full intensity and vigor
Don't keep cool to a challenge
In fields of my choosing
I can adopt, I can forget
Both ways intense
Hence, I like not challenge
To adopt or to forget
I am sure to react, equally intense

I am not to forgive even a fault minor
Unless it is truly realized
Not to occur in future
I am so natural
React to every act, like the Nature
I look not fault of the other
Without knowing basic cause
I genuinely analyze
May be I am the originator
Of perceived fault of the other
If so, my mistake I realize
Be ready to be punished
Whatever adjudged by the other

I don't like to be an option
Kept reserved for leisurely action
And used only for recreation
When you be free from business chosen
I must be a business myself
Needing your utmost attention

You may work, I don't prevent
You may attend your family or friend
But don't carry me in pending
Or keep me waiting
When you would be free to attend
I must be in program, time fixed in advance
At right time, you must attend

None is indispensable for me
None is superfluous
Everyone is dignified in own way
In my view
A relationship is two-way contagious
You get what you give out
A relationship needs regular nourishment
Not to wait when you would be free
Once dried in absence of care
Is difficult to revive and share
Go in for a relationship
When you have time to pay attention
It is not apart from business fight
But a sweet business in its own right

A must for happy life forever
Is following high moral values with discipline
You need not only be true to this
But it must be exhibited
Through your conduct in routine
I go by my own perception
Not by your declaration

Friday, April 29, 2016

For Success of Relationship Online

 Relationships online is a new development
Not much study has been done in this flick
Hence, persons involved are misguided lot
Think these work like contact relationship
Still, online relationships are not impossible
Provided both try make relation successful
By caring for and respecting feelings of other
Think not of the self but of the other partner

In relationships online, only words are bridge
Between friends located apart yet are furious
Hence persons with low command on words
Or low care for own promises trouble serious
No body language, no touches, no smiles exist
To make communication of feelings complete
Feelings exchanged are partial, not in unison
Not being felt fully by both partners as union

Differences in cultures and climates also exist
Make them to think differently, cold and heat
Winter at one place makes a person to desire
Summer at other, make the other to avoid fire
Hence, they lack sync of feelings and appeals
One feels attracted, the other repulsed feels
Differences in time make to behave different
Morning at one's place makes them energetic
Evening at the other causes behaviors erratic

Differences in currency values affect relating
Make earning power discouraging n elating
Things appear cheaper to one, pricy to other
One may feel superior, other being inferior
Different prosperity levels of nations of tour
Also make hopeful partners feel rich n poor  
Differing laws of nations add more difficulties
By not allowing marriage of hopeful parties

Key is sacrifice the self into the fire of love
For pleasures of the other without self-love
Take responsibility with 'sorry' for any lapse
Though the fault may not be own perhaps
And give credit to the other with 'thank you'
For something marvel in between the two
Be frank in requesting anything one desires
From the other with 'please' in loving fires  

Self-righteous n self-centered must be away
From online relationship, this not their way

मुखर प्रेरणा उपवन की

D;ksa eu dks epykrh rqe] D;ksa ru dks rMikrh rqe
tSls vfXuiq"i mxkrh rqe] bl ir>M gksrs miou esa!

;s i=foghu miou esjk] vc Hkkoqd gfj;kyh pkgs]
bu Hkkoksa dks rqe gh lhapksa] v/kjksa ls Nw&Nw dj 'kk[ksa!
iq"i lqxfU/kr rqeus mxk;s] e/kqfje Hkko txk;s eu esa]
tSls vfXuiq"i mxkrh rqe] bl ir>M gksrs miou esa!!

rqeus tks ;K vkjEHk fd;k] bldk izlkn rqEgh ikvks]
miou iFk /kkj.k dj eu esa] 'osr pfUnzdk cu tkvks!
d.k&d.k esa ys jflr lqxfU/k] vkdj Nkvks rqe miou esa]
tSls vfXuiq"i mxkrh rqe] bl ir>M gksrs miou esa!!

pUnz iVy ij ykfye fcUnq] pqEcu&pqEcu dk vkeU=.k]
Hk`dqfV HkWaoj esa >wes HkkSjs] cu jgs n`f"V dk vkd"kZ.k!
diksr diksy Lif'kZr gksa] v/kjksa dh fyfIr pqEcu esa]
tSls vfXuiq"i mxkrh rqe] bl ir>M gksrs miou esa!

dyqf"kr ckny tks <yd jgs] pfUnzdk n'kZ ls Nyd jgs]
vc budh Hkh dqN pkgr gS] vkWapy ls ckgj epy jgs!
miou dh 'kk[ksa rMi jgha] i=ksa dh pkgr d.k&d.k esa]
tSls vfXuiq"i mxkrh rqe] bl ir>M gksrs miou esa!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

You, in my Mind

For your love, my Darling! I always long
See you very rare, still, you're my song
To me, you have always been very kind
Am grateful to you for being in my mind

You get busy in your work or with friends
In social obligations, or in modern trends
Whatever you do, as your routine grind
Am grateful to you for being in my mind

Never bother for me of any importance
How you treat me in your performance
Would continue to keep my love as blind
Am grateful to you for being in my mind

Whether I feel lonesome or as desolate
Don't think, my dear, would ever isolate  
You have always been my precious find
Am grateful to you for being in my mind

I'll keep on waiting for you until my end
When I am gone, find me in your rand
So long, I love you, I consider you kind
Am grateful to you for being in my mind

You just say 'I love you', you mean or not
Won't complain, you may throw me to rot
My love is a fool's paradise, you may find
Am grateful to you for being in my mind

You are free to love me or anybody else
Keep on writing on you in poetic impulse
My poems are pulses of loving you blind
Am grateful to you for being in my mind

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How I Love You Untouched!

When I whisper your name
I am inspired, a poem I aspire
Thus in togetherness, we respire,
You are my poetry, I am your poet
Let our love never expire! 

The sweat seeping out of your bosom
Sends to me your fragrance
I can't breathe without that in the air,
The fragrance reaches my blood
Then to neurons to control my thoughts
As I breathe-in the fragrance rare!

Glow of your rosy lips
Invite my eyes to focus on you
To absorb your complete view,
As my eyes get saturated
The view reaches my brain
Keeps me engaged in loving you!

Your hairs flaring in the air
Like black clouds in the sky
Cover your Moon-like face bright,
That peeps out for me
As I think of you in lonely night!

Your shining bright eyes
Bow down with burden of modesty
Lift up to find my view from the crowd,
To shine again with bright colors
Sending a whispering smile
That spirits me up from the ground!

Please send me a chocolate piece
Half bitten by you
With touches of your rosy lips,
I would put my lips at the place
Touched by your petals
To let us feel our first kiss!

On you biting the chocolate piece
Your valuable saliva gets absorbed
By the left over chocolate piece,
It carries to me the essence of you
To nourish my body, flourish my mind
I find your love in total peace!

Sound of Manhood

A man is incomplete
Without a compatible woman
Like the woman is null without a man
A man has nothing to do in life
Without a woman as his wife
Hence, manhood can be evaluated
Else, life remains thirsty for fire as wood  

A man is first of all
A dutiful son of his parents
Particularly, in his Mom's obedience
Provided, the Mom cares for the home
Sacrificing her own parental dome

Life of a man is primarily meant
To complement a woman's life
To procreate with a woman of worth
For celebration of life on the Earth
With all his emotional lust
Out of the World, keeping her first
Keeping her sacrosanct as his wife
To bring up a happy family with no strife

A man plays as father of his offspring
Particularly, his daughters dreaming
To bring them up to spring of life
Maintaining own dignity in eyes of his wife
This is his most emotional role
Wherein he wins in defeat for them
Like leaves and fruits get rooted by tree's stem
Kids be brought up successively upward
With respect to generations of ancestry
As contribution to human civilization
Of improved amnesty and eco-forestry

Pious most role for man is of brother
Particularly, for sisters and their dignity
To find, in return, their divine affinity
Brother-sister link gets lost in terms physical
Yet, they maintain their connection emotional

As humans evolved animals social
For society, man is the extension familial
For maturity emotional and strength physical
Here, the conduct of man is the most critical

Balancing individual freedom with discipline social

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How do I compose on love?

I wished to dream love
Found lust in vogue to sustain
I was used to entertain
I don't see love anywhere
But breaches in trust everywhere
How do I trust love
How do I compose on love?

I wished to write a book on love
Words stopped from flowing
Thoughts kept on out blowing
Mind came to boiling
Body felt collapsing
How do I write love
How do I compose on love?

I wished to write on life of love
Found life full of bluff
Hollow promises without stuff
Tried to understand the riddle
Brain refused to fiddle
How do I think love
How do I compose on love?

I wished to see Moonlight of love
Tried to search love
Didn't find a couple like dove
There appears no light
All around dark night
How do I see love
How do I compose on love?

I wished to hear whispers of love
Decided to trust once again
I got instant pain
Hearing loud sounds of mistrust
My ears at verge of burst
How do I listen love
How do I compose on love?

I wished to spread fragrance of love
Got flowers of paper
Wrapped in scented wrapper
Researched on man-woman linking
Found every relation stinking
How do I smell love
How do I compose on love?

I wished caresses of love
Found no value for human emotions
Everywhere noise and commotions
Found thorns hidden behind roses
Failed to understand causes
How to touch with love
How do I compose on love?

Your Silence Speaks with Me

Those silent sounds coming from pictures
You hang on your wall
Call me again and again
More than you could ever call!
Yet, I need not visit your home
Happy with the joy of calls from you
For I feel I am with you
Away from you, never gone!!

Your wordless messages I receive
Provide me joy of scale
No soul-mate can ever provid
I find you staring at distant star
As if looking for me there
The place of mine you once guided!
You are my Moon
I see through your Moonlight
Which you generously provide me
On my being in dark at night!!

Love needs reciprocation of feelings
Not of words
We move together on a tight rope
For cutting that, there is no sword!
Silence is the language of love
Feelings make words redundant
What if, we never speak
Our communication has ever been abundant!!

I don't know how to thank you
For your eternal silence
That has been inspiring me
To use words on your behalf
Without your license!
Keep it up, my dear
I am enjoying your company
Your pictures, your songs

And your symphony!!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Life - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

As a composition of instincts n intuitions
Gained from spirit of life in my neurons,
As carrier of experiments and expertise
Of all the past generations of humanity
Through my education formal informal
And character attributes, my ancestors
Embedded genetically in my psychology
I am here to perform human functions
With the best of my abilities n devotion

I committed a few mistakes yesterday,
Yester-month, yester-year, day by day
Each one sank me into failure of mission
Cost time, money and others in question
It's often considered a loss of resources
Earned previously with so much efforts
Yet, there is another way to see silver
Treat it as investment of resources sort
Into a research experiment for a lever
To know more about how efforts work
Under conditions of brick joining brick
Lesson learnt in failure to cross bridge
Between two shores of effort and result
Is an experiment to improve knowledge
Every success yesterday adds expertise
Not to fall down, while trying to up rise!

Today, I need inputs from the Cosmos
For doing my duty of taking humanity
One more step ahead of what I found
Today, I need value meals three times
For growth, health and to fight odds
Today, I need clothes to protect skin
From flying dust, sickly heat and cold
Today, I need a shelter to save myself
From odd Nature and cruel animals
To rest and sleep for my rejuvenation
And to have company of my dear kin
Today, I need education on experiences
Of past humanity through their books
Today, I need justice and governance
To protect me from social evils around

All the inputs I need, I can't produce all
Hence, need a market for exchanging
My produce with produces of others
With currency facilitating the exchange
Hence, I work today for earning money  
Today is my time to act with expertise
And experiments of yesterday in sight
And the education I got from contacts
Within family, in schools and in society
I am careful not to repeat my mistakes
Of yesterday, succeed like never before
To achieve quality-assured productivity
With use of intellect for more creativity

I do nothing tomorrow but what I carry
Forward from today, the day of actions
Hence, I need not to bother about it
But keep focus on today's deeds of mine
To make these with the best outcome
That would make my future to come up
In bright colors of happiness to enjoy
And memories grand about yesterdays

Respect Beauty to Obviate its Venom

Beauty is a divine gift of the Nature
Wherein the word 'divine' means -
'Given, no expectation in return'
It is that element of form and color
That pleases mind of the onlooker
We all appreciate it in colorful birds
In greenery and flowers of plants
In even many ferocious wild beasts
In vastness of rippled oceans
In grandeurs of mountain peaks
Most importantly in our women!

Physical beauty of form and color
Is used by we humans in two ways -
Tender harmless love for happiness
Or beastly lust for transient pleasure
Former classified as good conduct
While the latter is a bad conduct
From standards of human morality!

Since historical days of humanity
We have women of rare beauty
At all the places, at all the time
But only few proved true to love
Of eternal bliss and happy rhyme
Rest engulfing in the fire of lust
Allured by perishable wealth shine!

Being beautiful is not without malady
A woman can love only one man
Making life together a heavenly span
Or she lusts for pleasure in multiplicity
Morally destroying herself and others
Adding venom to the soul of humanity!  

We must know functions of beauty
Of improving quality of human look
Maintaining pious conduct as duty
For procreation of future citizens
Of improved look, character risen
It's not a commercial commodity
As perceives misguided humanity!

It is misused in business and politics
For gains of wealth and authority
While it's useful in homes and ethics
Humanity distorted its perception
Using women's beauty for exhibition
For entertainment and attraction!

Beautiful women need high respect
And utmost appreciation in homes
To feel honored for being beautiful
Else, they stray to find appreciation
And value outside of homes divine
Losing morality without being dutiful!

It's not fault of women but of men
Failing in duty as protective thorns
And respectful sexual gratification
Of delicate flowers women beautiful
Exposing them for invasions foreign
By outer thorns tearing their psyche
Making them immoral and lustful!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Love Felt Existing, Why Ends in Pain

Open history books on love tenure
To find each love ending in failure
Why so, needs our pondering over
Love and pain coexisting since ever
Love and health are closely related
Hence only healthy are love slated

Love is ideal divine, we are of matter
Love puts 'you' before, 'I' come latter
Divine is that gives without expecting
Matter works with each act reacting
Thus, divine and matter don't coexist
So, we make difficult love to subsist
For our seeking pleasures and gains
Learn nothing from clouds and rains
Which just give their bliss to forget
While we measure what can we get

We need to think why love needed
'cause pain comes in love unseeded
Pain makes sick, in need of medicine
Love is real remedy to cure the grim
It costs nothing, no hard way earning
Peace of mind, sufficiency in feeling
Error-free work in presence of mind
This brings real happiness of its kind

Love is not matter, only a feeling
Known to those, life out of reeling
In between luxuries and comforts
Mind crystal clear, in rest resorts
Happy with nothing, no demands
Time invested, thought commands
Life travel straight intellectual line
Mind remains active, health is fine
Food local cheap, simple and Jain
Clothing whatever, shelter like den
They live less physical to feel more
Hence, love resides inside their core

Whose body sickly aching not rare
Go on rushing earning needing care
Must keep busy with lusty shrouds
Shouldn't enter arena of love bouts
They make love to fail, in their trail
Hence, love defamed to end in pain
Love and health are closely related
Hence only healthy are love slated

You Gone Too Far Away

Don't ask me to love you as before
On factors between you and me
Sad to find, you gone too far away
On your lusty sojourns for long
It is impossible for you to return
Your body n mind set for the sway
You don't realize fair or foul
Go on blindly chasing wealth
Luxurious life, your chosen way

Don't ask me to love you as before  
Even you decide, somehow to return
My arms unprepared hold you back
Wounds very deep in my psyche
Caused by your lusty overtures wild
Have driven me out of loving track
Your short-sightedness for pleasures
Ignoring loving happiness forever
Put a wedge of mistrust in love sac

Don't ask me to love you as before
Path you've chosen to earn money
Has pushed me away far from you
Saving my self-esteem and dignity
You gone deep into the ocean of lust
Ignoring me n my love on the shore
You going your way enjoying freedom
Relationship demands some discipline

Don't ask me to love you as before
The price you are paying for wealth
Is huge for your losing love n health
Would realize on losing your glamour
With none to make you lust partner
Then, you would need loving ground
That would be nowhere to be found

Don't ask me to love you as before
I am leaving, out of way of yours
To do whatever you like to enjoy
To go wherever you like to enjoy
With this, I become free from you
Not to be in disagreement with you
We both go our own ways separate
Whether we feel sad or desperate

Don't ask me to love you as before
For I am having two faces of women
One using herself for earning wealth
Other spends money to please herself
With none knowing true love of many
Neither wants nor spends any money
Keeps money and love issues separate
Not money-greedy, nor sex-desperate 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Good Morning, My Darling!!

Good Morning, My Darling

Good Morning, My Darling!
Good Morning, my Darling!
Fine droplets dimly raining  
Enjoy a mug of chocolate-coffee
I prepared it unique without copy
We sip it from the same mug
Turn by turn
As darling friends
Holding the mug with four hands
Like lotus petals held together
With love-full feeling for each other!
Then we move out of home
Holding umbrella making a dome
To stroll on the street, night forlorn
My arm on your shoulders, yours on my back
Pressed close with feelings of long!
It is still little dark
Raindrops stopped falling
Sun still away from up-rising
Street is lonely, with few couples strolling
To breathe better, to keep in good health
As their most precious wealth!
We reach nearby park
With more couples loving in dark
Whispering in loving voices
Of touches, caresses and rejoices
Like we often do to make our mood
For recreation or feeling good
For none to notice, none to distract
From our expressions of love abstract
We sit on the bench in corner
Calm and quiet, lost in each other
Pulling you closer, sensitizing our every pore
Your million dollar smile, enriching me to the core!
Without noting, how long we have been in park
Smiling at each other, no word uttered
Eyes often meeting, to close down soon
In love for each other, submerged
Sun asking permission to begin its journey norm
You allow in a shining form
And begin our journey home!

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