Thursday, April 7, 2016

An Agenda for Honeymoon

Meeting you for the first time
Being the greatest ceremony of our lives
Must lead to total transformation
Of both of us in bodies and minds
Of thoughts and feelings
Of sentiments and emotions
Of wants and wishes
Of desires and ambitions
For making us to feel free with each other -
Cosmically, Emotionally and Spiritually,
Physically and Sexually

We not only be prepared for this
But be prepared to contribute
Our individual mites to the ceremony
Anything remaining wanted
In the total transformation
Through the meeting
Would make the meeting incomplete
Like a curse to us
Like a blame on us

What is basically expected from us both
Is the total submission to each other
With nothing to reserve,
Nothing to doubt
With the full knowledge -
That the transformation would be final
And fully irreversible
Not to go home like we came from

It's going to be not only revolutionary
But evolutionary too
Wherefrom we would begin our journey
As a unit of two merged souls
Undistinguishable from each other
With our distinct identities
Of conducts, choices and thoughts
Coming to an end forever

The transformation is almost suicidal
Brave and crazy
We must be ready for
Before we touch each other
Even with eyes and smiles
By feelings physical
Kisses and all other ways

At Cosmic level -
We are distinct members of the Cosmos
Would get registered as one
Like a baby born through merger
Of male and female contributions
To the procreation process
With nothing found distinct
In the baby's body and mind
That came from the mother
That came from the father   

At emotional level -
It's going to be a total reversal
Of what we are today
Caring for our own emotions
Of esteem and pride, and
Of belongings and desires
After getting transformed -
All emotions would be for the other
Instead of for the self
Both way and individual way

At spiritual level -
We own so far our individual spirits
Of instincts and intuitions
To get lost for emerging out
A common spirit of instincts and intuitions
One thinks, other knows
One desires, other provides
Even without a word in between

At physical level -
Two bodies get acquainted with each other
About capacities and capabilities
About sensitivities and sensibilities
About precisions and tolerances
Not to tax or burden each other
Beyond the limits

And at sexual level -
We interact from the softest to the wildest levels
Through our sexual organs -
Eyes and hands, lips and tongues,
Busts and thighs, knees and feet
And all that are commonly understood
Within the arena of sex
Within boundaries of elegance and modesty
For providing unprecedented pleasures
To each other with each doing their best
Without bothering for the self
But for the other

It is thus the agenda of our first meet
Whenever and wherever
Sooner or later
We need to keep the propositions
Deeply imprinted in our minds
To keep on making preparations
From this moment to that of the meet
For grand success of the transformation
A never-before, a never-again
Opportunity of our lives
To show a new path
To the cupid world


  1. I love this one !!! Really good , Love from Holland
    xx H

    1. Henny dear, I write only when dear ones like you inspire me. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. perfectly written..... as i'm sure you know... how could u do anything imperfect.... thank you for including me... i am always ready to read your poetry.....

    1. On reading your poems, I used to think - Alas, I could write poems like yours. One day, your inspiration worked, I tried, and here I am feeling satisfied with your appreciation. So, you are always there in my poetry from inspiration to appreciation. What more, I could desire for !!!


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