Friday, April 15, 2016

After the Honey-Moon

O' my Beloved!
Joy unknown to me for years
Dropped into my mind from somewhere
Splashing myself to all around
The mind left with no-self
But the joy of finding you
The joy of having you as my Beloved
Merging myself into your self
Making the composition complete
Of you and me, neither you nor me
Since then I have been trying to collect
Scattered pieces of the self
To recompose myself
But failing for the joy coming in between
And splashing the pieces again and again
What did you do, why did you do this to me
Through the meeting, wanting to know
Direct from you, tell me please!

O' my Lover!
Didn't do anything, my dearest!
But lost myself in the meeting
Had gone back blank-headed
Lost everything in wilderness of your love
Beyond my comprehension
Now, absorb the leftover me into yourself
Or give me back myself, if you can
Since the meeting,
I have been wandering here and there
Not finding my home to find rest and respite
That had been in my lonesome nights
I have the intuition now -
It is in your arms close to your heart
Reconstruct me and home me please!  

1 comment:

  1. Goodmorning !
    Nice to read all my far away
    Dad's Posts ����


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