Friday, April 1, 2016

Appreciation and Remembrance

In our temporal senses
We work for two sorts of rewards
Appreciation in the present
And remembrance in the future
Majority gets only the former
Some others only the latter
While a few get both the rewards !

Appreciation is what we earn
As we work and come to learn
Thro' experiences of day-to-day
Like we get response what we say
The reward ends as work stops
With nothing more to give
Like no more to live
Nothing more to take
For latter days sake
Whether on ground or rank tops
The process saves nothing
With no reckoning of future
Nothing to relish, nothing to nurture
Such a life is of insects and worms
Leaving produce in nascent forms
To the will of circumstances
Perishing or with survival chances
Sadly enough for the humanity
Majority working in the present
Leaving everything to destiny
Such insects and worms in human form
Contribute nothing to civilization
But are victims of human culture
Of exploitation of helpless, having
Nothing to relish, nothing to nurture !

Working in accord to own convictions
Unworried to criticism or rewards
Provides precious value to produce
But with no glitter on lusty yards
Goes unrecognized in the present
But remembered later in need
Small number of persons works this way
Bothering not what people will say
Their thoughts, words and actions
Are in sync whatever be the reactions
For not getting rewards in the present
They are often poor in material gains
Keep on working weather dry or it rains
To leave their imprints for humanity
They don't write history but make it
Thro'  deeds for a bright future of humanity
Hence remembered when they are gone
Though in their lifetime, they were forlorn
Persons like Tolstoy dying uncared for
On a railway platform with none own
Had given the greatest masterpieces
Of all times to come, with no groan !

Yet there are a few who get appreciation
While alive and remembered after they are gone
They are the greats in their totality
With magnetism in their personality
And brilliance in their deed fertility
Every friend of humanity wishes
To be like that but it's not in their control
Probably they know it better -
What to do, when to do ?
Through understanding pulse of the times
Past, present and future
About nourishment and nurture
Of the thought dynamics
On the canvas of the Nature !

What all is said above -
Reads only one side of the coin,
Called humanity in terms of value system
The other side is too dark to read
To understand from appearance
For its reality being quite different,
Unanticipated in performance
It's in vogue and loved by those
Wanting immediate material gains
At whatever be the cost to humanity
It's called diplomacy
With the purpose of pleasing everyone
At the moment, irrespective of real intention
For cheating all for immediate gains
Diplomats flourish all the time
Whether it is dry or it rains
People come to know their real intention
Much later when the train is gone
With the treasures of human spirits
Diplomats work through two divisions -
Religious preachers and politicians
To rule over the World one way or the other
God is their savior, they say
But never spare even the God
From their tactics and strategies
To succeed in satiating their lust -
For authority, for sex and for wealth
Costing humanity degradation
In physical and psychological health
Diplomats neither bother for appreciation
Nor for remembrance by anybody
Except their own clan working for each other
Dualism in their real self and projected self
Is their value system, they adore !

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