Saturday, April 30, 2016

Basics of Life I Follow

If you wish to deal with me
Know me well
Know the principles
I bear in heart, so well

Read somebody saying -
Fools display anger, only wise feel angry
On two counts, I beg to disagree -
If you are right,
For every wrong, feeling anger is your right
And its display is also your right
Secondly, you must display if you feel
To be true to your feel
But display means not -
A physical battle to fight
Or, an abusive oratory deal
Display means -
Let the other person know how you feel

Anger exists in me with pleasure
Ready for use, appropriate one
In every interaction
If I am to react to a situation
It would be pleasure or anger
With situational appropriation

In all fields, I don't endeavor
Wherever I do
I do with full intensity and vigor
Don't keep cool to a challenge
In fields of my choosing
I can adopt, I can forget
Both ways intense
Hence, I like not challenge
To adopt or to forget
I am sure to react, equally intense

I am not to forgive even a fault minor
Unless it is truly realized
Not to occur in future
I am so natural
React to every act, like the Nature
I look not fault of the other
Without knowing basic cause
I genuinely analyze
May be I am the originator
Of perceived fault of the other
If so, my mistake I realize
Be ready to be punished
Whatever adjudged by the other

I don't like to be an option
Kept reserved for leisurely action
And used only for recreation
When you be free from business chosen
I must be a business myself
Needing your utmost attention

You may work, I don't prevent
You may attend your family or friend
But don't carry me in pending
Or keep me waiting
When you would be free to attend
I must be in program, time fixed in advance
At right time, you must attend

None is indispensable for me
None is superfluous
Everyone is dignified in own way
In my view
A relationship is two-way contagious
You get what you give out
A relationship needs regular nourishment
Not to wait when you would be free
Once dried in absence of care
Is difficult to revive and share
Go in for a relationship
When you have time to pay attention
It is not apart from business fight
But a sweet business in its own right

A must for happy life forever
Is following high moral values with discipline
You need not only be true to this
But it must be exhibited
Through your conduct in routine
I go by my own perception
Not by your declaration

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