Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Expectations from Love

O' my Beloved!
Before coming to love
Know the wholesome me
You have chosen to love
Not only the apparent me
Here is what all my life mean
Know, I am the Word! reflective of myself
Also know what I stand for -
I am the love with total loss of the self

O' my Beloved!
You need, first of all, the capability
To hear the word I resonate
Thro' sound of my breathes in serenity
Possible only when we breathe
While our hearts pulsate in tranquility
To find my love for you deep in recess
Even when you find me failing to express

O' my Beloved!
You need to like the odor I recreate
And the same odor you emanate
Of hot soil finding the first sip of rain
Thus, thirst of the soil not going in vain
Same way, you recreate my life
To find my silent sighs when I am in pain  

O' my Beloved!
You need to peep into my eyes
To read the poem of love untold
To watch my silent sighs
So, you depict my dreams unsold
And fill the voids deep in me
At moments of them getting unfold

O' my Beloved!
You need to relish my saliva
Through probes of your buds of taste
Within the chamber of four lips sealed
For durations long without haste
With your saliva in my nerves
My lifelong wounds would get healed

O' my Beloved!
You need to sense me thro' my touches
Eyes closed, no words spoken
My touch to renew the whole
Of your existence, nothing left broken
Finding smiles on your face
Let my life be wholesome, not a token

O' my Beloved!
I am the word, I am the pulse of time
I am the rhythm, I am the rhyme
Made just for you to find in time
When you feel forlorn or unshine
Call me anytime, day or night

Shall be on your path with a serving light 

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