Friday, April 29, 2016

For Success of Relationship Online

 Relationships online is a new development
Not much study has been done in this flick
Hence, persons involved are misguided lot
Think these work like contact relationship
Still, online relationships are not impossible
Provided both try make relation successful
By caring for and respecting feelings of other
Think not of the self but of the other partner

In relationships online, only words are bridge
Between friends located apart yet are furious
Hence persons with low command on words
Or low care for own promises trouble serious
No body language, no touches, no smiles exist
To make communication of feelings complete
Feelings exchanged are partial, not in unison
Not being felt fully by both partners as union

Differences in cultures and climates also exist
Make them to think differently, cold and heat
Winter at one place makes a person to desire
Summer at other, make the other to avoid fire
Hence, they lack sync of feelings and appeals
One feels attracted, the other repulsed feels
Differences in time make to behave different
Morning at one's place makes them energetic
Evening at the other causes behaviors erratic

Differences in currency values affect relating
Make earning power discouraging n elating
Things appear cheaper to one, pricy to other
One may feel superior, other being inferior
Different prosperity levels of nations of tour
Also make hopeful partners feel rich n poor  
Differing laws of nations add more difficulties
By not allowing marriage of hopeful parties

Key is sacrifice the self into the fire of love
For pleasures of the other without self-love
Take responsibility with 'sorry' for any lapse
Though the fault may not be own perhaps
And give credit to the other with 'thank you'
For something marvel in between the two
Be frank in requesting anything one desires
From the other with 'please' in loving fires  

Self-righteous n self-centered must be away
From online relationship, this not their way

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