Saturday, April 23, 2016

Good Morning, My Darling!!

Good Morning, My Darling

Good Morning, My Darling!
Good Morning, my Darling!
Fine droplets dimly raining  
Enjoy a mug of chocolate-coffee
I prepared it unique without copy
We sip it from the same mug
Turn by turn
As darling friends
Holding the mug with four hands
Like lotus petals held together
With love-full feeling for each other!
Then we move out of home
Holding umbrella making a dome
To stroll on the street, night forlorn
My arm on your shoulders, yours on my back
Pressed close with feelings of long!
It is still little dark
Raindrops stopped falling
Sun still away from up-rising
Street is lonely, with few couples strolling
To breathe better, to keep in good health
As their most precious wealth!
We reach nearby park
With more couples loving in dark
Whispering in loving voices
Of touches, caresses and rejoices
Like we often do to make our mood
For recreation or feeling good
For none to notice, none to distract
From our expressions of love abstract
We sit on the bench in corner
Calm and quiet, lost in each other
Pulling you closer, sensitizing our every pore
Your million dollar smile, enriching me to the core!
Without noting, how long we have been in park
Smiling at each other, no word uttered
Eyes often meeting, to close down soon
In love for each other, submerged
Sun asking permission to begin its journey norm
You allow in a shining form
And begin our journey home!


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