Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How I Love You Untouched!

When I whisper your name
I am inspired, a poem I aspire
Thus in togetherness, we respire,
You are my poetry, I am your poet
Let our love never expire! 

The sweat seeping out of your bosom
Sends to me your fragrance
I can't breathe without that in the air,
The fragrance reaches my blood
Then to neurons to control my thoughts
As I breathe-in the fragrance rare!

Glow of your rosy lips
Invite my eyes to focus on you
To absorb your complete view,
As my eyes get saturated
The view reaches my brain
Keeps me engaged in loving you!

Your hairs flaring in the air
Like black clouds in the sky
Cover your Moon-like face bright,
That peeps out for me
As I think of you in lonely night!

Your shining bright eyes
Bow down with burden of modesty
Lift up to find my view from the crowd,
To shine again with bright colors
Sending a whispering smile
That spirits me up from the ground!

Please send me a chocolate piece
Half bitten by you
With touches of your rosy lips,
I would put my lips at the place
Touched by your petals
To let us feel our first kiss!

On you biting the chocolate piece
Your valuable saliva gets absorbed
By the left over chocolate piece,
It carries to me the essence of you
To nourish my body, flourish my mind
I find your love in total peace!

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  1. I miss here a I like button all the time !
    I like it again ! x henny


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