Sunday, April 10, 2016

I wish to See the Changed You

 Enough water has reached the oceans from peaks
Since we met and joined our seeks
Millions of words have flown out from our lips
Since we realized need and prospects of love
Between us to stop our lonely sips
We can't afford to be standing at the same place
Where we started from and had said 'I love you',
We need to express our love
In more positive ways of conduct and action
To prove the progress we have made
Toward our unity, forgetting faction
About our mutual trust without reaction

Your love gets eclipsed when I am on your way
Saying you are too busy to enjoy a ray
Of my love and feelings expressed in so blunt way
But show it again when I keep away
Hence I wish not to be in your way
To leave you free to have your choice
Do what you like to feel rejoice
Your rhetoric 'I love you' lost its sharp edge
Getting monotonous, appears like a hedge
It appears no more a loving voice
But you have shown no other way
To prove that your perception has changed
Your actions still not show finality of your choice

I wish to feel, find and experience the changed you
We need to show how much we moved
To move further to what stands proved
That the seed of love is transformed into a plant
With 'I love you' becoming something grand
Please show me what is changed in you
Your plans for further action
Your desires for satisfaction
Your wish for creation of a new unit
Canvas of future life you might have knit
Your imagination on brighter future
Dream of togetherness you nurture
Changes you may have in body and mind
Change in the ways after our mutual find
Fearful of non-fruition of a distant dream
I prefer to be away from the gleam.

Until you show me the change you dream

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