Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Love is a Game of Sacrifices

Love, first of all, needs readiness for sacrifices
Of lust and luxuries, comforts and wealth
Without which none can love
Love is not determined by words 'I love you'
But by sacrifices you made for love
Love means considerations for the beloved
Not for the self or for own vested interests

To measure your love
Ask yourself how much you sacrificed
Else, you just entertained
At cost of your beloved, you gained  
Compare the sacrifices of the beloved
How much they kicked off for your sake
To know whose love is true
Whose love is fake
For a love to succeed
Both need to compete with each other
In the game of sacrifices

Love needs nurture for growth
Like plants need water and soil
Love needs sacrifices from both sides
To build bridge between parallel shores
Check up how much you sacrificed
To build the bridge to move on
Or just remained passive
Or busy in your own pleasures
If that is so for any reason
The bridge would never be complete
Even made half would also deplete
Hence never expect the cove
To walk on hand in hand
Singing song of love
Your unmatched beauty
Or mounts of wealth
Wouldn't take you across

On the path of love

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