Wednesday, April 6, 2016

If in Love, None is Good or Bad

In Love, None is Good or Bad

'Love true' is not expressed
By 'I love you' like words
But by feelings and by conduct
When such love exists -
Feelings appear in eyes
Conduct appears in sighs

Love needs no words like 'I love you'
But words like 'Happy', 'Glad', 'Joy',
Instant 'Please' asking for a favor
Instant 'Thanks' for a kind deed
For an unintentional slip 'Sorry', indeed

The bridge joining two shores
Is built gradually if the minds don't waver
For selecting the best if the kinds don't shiver
Both go on loving, gradually building the bridge
With care not to undo already built up ridge

While jumping into the pool of love
Trends don't matter on how to love
All goes with spontaneity
All goes with natural beauty
Love is built up from senses scatter
With no options for partner better
With no choice from multiplicity
It is loving the opportunity
It is loving the other and everything theirs
Jumping into the pool of love with no fears

Words 'I love you' are for probing sake
Often said to many often fake
No real intentions, whose minds waver
Wish to be choosy for a loving favor
Such persons keep on probing for whole life
Jumping from one to another
Breaking hearts, tossing feelings
Keep one to wait, honey-mooning with another
On finding fine, stamp 'you are the main'
Else, return to the previous to say 'I love you' again
They never love
They know not what is love
How to love, whom to love
They never experience love
But go on experimenting on love
This class of people is huge around
While true lovers are few on the ground
They know not good or bad in love

They just love, love, love

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