Thursday, April 21, 2016

Love Lost for Lust

Earth got a lover called Moon with knowledge light
Caressing her body all over with touch of moonlight
Making her happier, more beautiful, health sound
With nourishment of moonlight, her spirits aroused
With feelings of being a woman and love worthy
Dormant for long, desires aroused making her lusty
For transient pleasures of sex, wealth and luxuries
To satisfy all her desires, Moon offered his spree
She denied the Moon to come close for being free
Yet desired his love from distance, touch-me-not
Touches earn wealth, Moon got not, she thought

Black clouds were her newly found lusty lovers
With whom she used to play as her lust grew
The black clouds eclipsed Moon from her mind
Promising her wealth, luxury and sexual screw
She kept on bluffing the Moon repeating often -
I need you, I love you!  I need you, I love you!
For contact with clouds, she disliked Moon sing
For his simple ways of being happy with nothing
And insistence on the Earth for being simple too

Oneday night proved fatal to the innocent Moon
Daggered by the Earth for filling her vast oceans
With his hot blood for serving to her lusty lovers
Pleasing them for satisfying her wild lusty moans
The Moon streamed out to oceans his blood
Wandered like insane in search of his beloved
For the clouds in between his search gone vain
He transformed himself into a hermit star trail   
To keep on watching the Earth from a distance
Yet invisible to her in absence of an inheritance

The clouds drained lusty desires on the Earth
Made her pale n wealthy, without self worth
And disappeared soon as their transient sparks
With Moon lost and clouds vanished like larks
Her lust made her devoid of any womanhood
Wealth didn't save her own worth for good
Decaying away fast in depth of endless disgust
With imprints of lust on her face like scaly rust
Had thought she would have more of glamour
With charm of love lost, she got more clamor
She looked for the Moon and his love again
Didn't find love, her life ended in terrible pain

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