Saturday, April 23, 2016

Moral Turpitude is a Volcano

A volcano burst just now on my mind
Burning down whole of my existence
How can a destroyer turn so unkind
Shattering my future plan persistence
It's a fun for the destroyer to declare -
The volcano enjoys victory in eruption
Uncared for my dream for safe living
No way to bear the mental corruption

Few minutes back, everything was fine
Life was sweet, the volcano was kind
A passerby threw a dirty cigarette end
On the mouth of volcano full of sand
That changing its state all of a sudden
To fire of desire to consume its burden
No thinking on what could be the result
Self-esteem missing, no feeling of insult

 Words like my heart carries your image
Are falsehoods like a noontime mirage
You are my home, you are my hope
Proved to be silken strangulating rope
Every burning desire is volcano's steam
Keep away for safety of your esteem
Lusty desires flaring may destroy all
For nasty satisfaction, move on a call

When words and actions are different
Thoughts and intentions must be dent
Hence when you go even for friendship
Carefully judge how far said words drift
Unfulfilled desires hide true intentions
Be careful trusting worded contentions
What to trust when breach fills the mind
Kindness on face, stabbing from behind

Burning desires have no value system
These may fall to any level of flirtation
Those keeping control are real women
Swayed so easily by desires are dragon
Keeping close is like sitting on a volcano
Get burnt, somebody touch the volcano
Moral turpitude is asset of dipped in lust
Can fall to anything, and get lost in dust

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