Saturday, April 16, 2016

My Life - Agonies, Hopes and Waits

My life is full of voids
Dug deep into the chest of my existence
Like the ocean resides in heart of the Earth
With its unfathomable depth
Randomly spread through length and breadth!
My voids are filled with accumulated tears
Since I came to my senses and stood on my feet
Streams of sorrows flowing in
From breaches by various persons I met
Converging all into my voids
Filling agonies into the ocean of my life

Have been making efforts
To dry out the ocean and fill the voids
Hoped all the good things coming into the life
Waited long with patience in mind
For moments of smiles and laughs
But nothing good came in ever
A third of life sipped by agonies
A third gone in hopes immaterialized
And the rest gone waste in waiting
Thus the balance sheet of life
I oversee, is found to have only liabilities
With nothing in assets

Life so far passed with stars bright
Promising illuminating my path
But disappearing in my need of light
When the day is nearing its end
Long dark night lying ahead
You appeared like the Moon on the horizon
With a promise to hold my hand
Move with me on the time of sand
Filling my dark night with Moonlight
Once more, I got bind in chain of hopes and waits
Which have always been paradigms of my life
I found myself unable to say yes or no
To this new development around
Even with my bitter experiences so far
I held your hand with a new hope
Because you appeared someone I never found
Still promised Moonlight being far away
Life again kept in pending neither to be sad nor gay

You treated me like a fuel to keep you hot
For others enjoying your body warm
I am unable to keep awake waiting
In slumber, I find you striking my back with dagger
To serve my blood hot to your lovers
I leave you free hot or warm
To escape from emotional exploitation
I have been suffering all along after we met

O' cruel you!
Ignorant of fragrance of love
Moved on to stinking lust of sex n wealth
Through the womanhood
I aroused in you with my love
Else, you were a pile of dead leathers
A nostalgia to onlookers
Had forgotten you were once a woman.

You say you feel sick
It is because of your choosing wild lust
While your body is made for tender love
Leading you to nowhere
Neither tender love which you ignored
Nor wild lust which you are incapable of
So cursed are you like this for ignoring my love 
Today, after we met and you left

1 comment:

  1. ........ Don't know what to say!
    Sometimes ... Silence is better ...
    Again a real good poem to read!
    Compliments ��
    Much love ! H ☘


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