Monday, April 25, 2016

Respect Beauty to Obviate its Venom

Beauty is a divine gift of the Nature
Wherein the word 'divine' means -
'Given, no expectation in return'
It is that element of form and color
That pleases mind of the onlooker
We all appreciate it in colorful birds
In greenery and flowers of plants
In even many ferocious wild beasts
In vastness of rippled oceans
In grandeurs of mountain peaks
Most importantly in our women!

Physical beauty of form and color
Is used by we humans in two ways -
Tender harmless love for happiness
Or beastly lust for transient pleasure
Former classified as good conduct
While the latter is a bad conduct
From standards of human morality!

Since historical days of humanity
We have women of rare beauty
At all the places, at all the time
But only few proved true to love
Of eternal bliss and happy rhyme
Rest engulfing in the fire of lust
Allured by perishable wealth shine!

Being beautiful is not without malady
A woman can love only one man
Making life together a heavenly span
Or she lusts for pleasure in multiplicity
Morally destroying herself and others
Adding venom to the soul of humanity!  

We must know functions of beauty
Of improving quality of human look
Maintaining pious conduct as duty
For procreation of future citizens
Of improved look, character risen
It's not a commercial commodity
As perceives misguided humanity!

It is misused in business and politics
For gains of wealth and authority
While it's useful in homes and ethics
Humanity distorted its perception
Using women's beauty for exhibition
For entertainment and attraction!

Beautiful women need high respect
And utmost appreciation in homes
To feel honored for being beautiful
Else, they stray to find appreciation
And value outside of homes divine
Losing morality without being dutiful!

It's not fault of women but of men
Failing in duty as protective thorns
And respectful sexual gratification
Of delicate flowers women beautiful
Exposing them for invasions foreign
By outer thorns tearing their psyche
Making them immoral and lustful!

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