Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sound of Manhood

A man is incomplete
Without a compatible woman
Like the woman is null without a man
A man has nothing to do in life
Without a woman as his wife
Hence, manhood can be evaluated
Else, life remains thirsty for fire as wood  

A man is first of all
A dutiful son of his parents
Particularly, in his Mom's obedience
Provided, the Mom cares for the home
Sacrificing her own parental dome

Life of a man is primarily meant
To complement a woman's life
To procreate with a woman of worth
For celebration of life on the Earth
With all his emotional lust
Out of the World, keeping her first
Keeping her sacrosanct as his wife
To bring up a happy family with no strife

A man plays as father of his offspring
Particularly, his daughters dreaming
To bring them up to spring of life
Maintaining own dignity in eyes of his wife
This is his most emotional role
Wherein he wins in defeat for them
Like leaves and fruits get rooted by tree's stem
Kids be brought up successively upward
With respect to generations of ancestry
As contribution to human civilization
Of improved amnesty and eco-forestry

Pious most role for man is of brother
Particularly, for sisters and their dignity
To find, in return, their divine affinity
Brother-sister link gets lost in terms physical
Yet, they maintain their connection emotional

As humans evolved animals social
For society, man is the extension familial
For maturity emotional and strength physical
Here, the conduct of man is the most critical

Balancing individual freedom with discipline social

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