Friday, April 15, 2016

Light of Womanhood

Light of Womanhood
Out of all the creations of the Nature
The superior-most is the womanhood
It's altogether a different issue -
That all those looking like women
Don't own the nature's hood
For her breeding and other sacrifices
Real womanhood deserves respect in all its aspects -
From worship to dedication, from cupidity to affection.
From providing command to its subjugation,
To be pious and soft as her credence
Womanhood has the most fundamental assistance
Of emotional surges at all the times of her presence
These surges make her suffer very often
At the hands of humanity she brings into existence
Womanhood obtains affection from the Earth
For evoking her procreative worth
In the most reverend role as mother
Encompassing all the values with no dearth
In this incomparable role of hers
She listens without anybody telling their needs
Sacrifices without anybody asking for her kind deeds
She cares for human values in an instinctive way
And guides the future humanity with her intuitional say
As mother, she is a bed of roses
Soft and fragrant, willing to get crushed
For providing comfort to others' woes
The fire provides to womanhood with its attribute of energy
Making her embodiment of cupid love
She nurture manhood coupled like dove
Simply loving and being loving worth
Through this love, she procreates life
To continue it forever on the Earth
She provides her essential company to manhood
To enable him to feel the pulse of life
As his caregiver and loving wife
This is her most emotional role
Tedious yet fulfilling to her soul
She deserves preservation through love
From the man she is in love with
For continuing in this role forever
Like fire is preserved by humanity
For its use in future forever
The most pious role of womanhood
Is that of a sister, elder or younger
Both ways, she is always willing to sacrifice
For the sake of any of her brother
For this role womanhood gets inspiration
From water for adapting to all situations
Keeping its cool even under provocation
She deserves protection from brothers
As her right of her sisterly ground
Like a plant in fluorescence
In a garden with thorny plants around
The prettiest and all-encompassing
Role of womanhood is that of a daughter
Inspired by omnipresent air and space cluster
She embodies obedience to parents and all other elders
To serve them with her minute mite
To the best of her diligence and might
She is like a bud needing proper diet
And care to grow-up into womanhood
The future of womanhood lies
In the lap of daughters of the world
Thus, the womanhood owns in her soul and spirit
All the five elements of Nature
To nurture the humanity on the Earth
Hence, in the lap of womanhood, lies the humanity's future


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