Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thirsty at Ocean Shore

Sitting on sea-shore, thinking
Me, many ripples have been touching
But none asked to come along
To travel on the ocean surface
Singing a loving song!

To some waves, I could not say my wish
Others didn't listen, being contend
Some got me wrong
Others I failed to understand
Some couldn't touch me for social taboo
Others kept at bay, unfitting my shoe
Ripples are going and coming still
But my stilled mind expects
An oceanic storm stopping never
To take me along with force strong
With no thought of right or wrong
Deep into the ocean of love
Where I get lost forever forever

Sometimes, a wave comes high
Not to leave me at all dry
Like a thirsty shower
Offer of nectar of flower
And it goes off so fast
I fail to feel the shock of joy
Leaving me sad again
I fail to understand what it is
Thirst of mine or that of the wave
I get more thirsty in a cave
Unable to run out, unable to fave
Life thus become a composition

Of thirst and transient wave

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