Sunday, April 17, 2016

Keys to Trust in Love

Love is never blind, but lust is always so
Love stands with respect, but lust can bow
Love is precisely round about
Has no tolerance to doubt
If you doubt me
Elimination is my duty
With transparency, simplicity n integrity
In love, there is no other way
To be happy and gay!
Every time, one's behavior
Is cunning, indecisive or mysterious
Provides power to a flicker of doubt
It is where love fails
Whatever loud 'I love you' be the shout
For love bears no doubtful trace
Whatever the twosome may face
Simple test of simplicity
Is to say promptly that comes to mind
Thinking in conversing is artificial grind
Sowing seeds of doubt for not natural
It is common to all, not cultural
Simplicity adjoins smile
Takes it along with virile
Integrity means loving the only one
Being indecisive works as poison
With no alternative and option
Going beyond is all out corruption
Doubt in mind leads to need of others
Better not to love but go flying on feathers
For better options never to be found
Getting tired, come to the ground
In the search, mind gets corrupt
Nature indecisive, conduct abrupt
Beloved doesn't need a search light
But call of the heart on facing the right
They appear to be the best
Provided they build-up mutual trust
Transparency is openness of conduct
Nothing secret, everything put in the duct
Like a clear mirror that suffices
Without any bias or prejudices
No need of creating a good impression
But being real in expression
Let the other gather the real impression
In a relationship it's not important
What you are or what you represent
But how you are perceived by the other
And how your words are without bother
A relationship stands on how much each bends
For the other's pain and pleasure
Others views how much one treasure
Another important key to love
Communication thro' eyes, words and smiles
Earlier the message is delivered
Without waiting the other get bothered
Better it is for the love
Sense of humor twosome display
To bring each other with smiles on play
Stern looks and notes are always
Poisons to love and its ways
For loving, shouting 'I love you' is not the way
There is nothing you need to say
Just feel it and let the other feel so
From expressions whatever may go
In between the two intending love
Lesson taught by couple of dove
They shout only to find beloved
Then silence prevail beaks rubbed
Keep sitting for hours without a say
Just occasional touches in sweet way


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