Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Writing For My Loneliness

So lonely today
Find none to write for
None to write on
Without the subject and the object
Words get lost in the quiet storm
Every feel needs a reel for placement
I have none
Still, I am stormed
That is boiling my blood
Crushing my muscles
Twisting my bones
Tearing my eyes
All waits gone vain
All hopes proved mirages
Still, no anger -
Individuals have their own compulsions
For doing what they do
Have their own interests to serve
None is made for me
To follow my likes and dislikes
To serve my interests
I have no rights on anybody
To make them behave my way -
Transparent and honest
Every individual has their own definition
Of transparency and honesty
To serve their own interests
And there are no common interests

Of anybody with me

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