Sunday, April 24, 2016

You Gone Too Far Away

Don't ask me to love you as before
On factors between you and me
Sad to find, you gone too far away
On your lusty sojourns for long
It is impossible for you to return
Your body n mind set for the sway
You don't realize fair or foul
Go on blindly chasing wealth
Luxurious life, your chosen way

Don't ask me to love you as before  
Even you decide, somehow to return
My arms unprepared hold you back
Wounds very deep in my psyche
Caused by your lusty overtures wild
Have driven me out of loving track
Your short-sightedness for pleasures
Ignoring loving happiness forever
Put a wedge of mistrust in love sac

Don't ask me to love you as before
Path you've chosen to earn money
Has pushed me away far from you
Saving my self-esteem and dignity
You gone deep into the ocean of lust
Ignoring me n my love on the shore
You going your way enjoying freedom
Relationship demands some discipline

Don't ask me to love you as before
The price you are paying for wealth
Is huge for your losing love n health
Would realize on losing your glamour
With none to make you lust partner
Then, you would need loving ground
That would be nowhere to be found

Don't ask me to love you as before
I am leaving, out of way of yours
To do whatever you like to enjoy
To go wherever you like to enjoy
With this, I become free from you
Not to be in disagreement with you
We both go our own ways separate
Whether we feel sad or desperate

Don't ask me to love you as before
For I am having two faces of women
One using herself for earning wealth
Other spends money to please herself
With none knowing true love of many
Neither wants nor spends any money
Keeps money and love issues separate
Not money-greedy, nor sex-desperate 

1 comment:

  1. ............... Awesome....
    I know what you mean !
    Again good poem !
    Love from Holland <3


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