Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Your Silence Speaks with Me

Those silent sounds coming from pictures
You hang on your wall
Call me again and again
More than you could ever call!
Yet, I need not visit your home
Happy with the joy of calls from you
For I feel I am with you
Away from you, never gone!!

Your wordless messages I receive
Provide me joy of scale
No soul-mate can ever provid
I find you staring at distant star
As if looking for me there
The place of mine you once guided!
You are my Moon
I see through your Moonlight
Which you generously provide me
On my being in dark at night!!

Love needs reciprocation of feelings
Not of words
We move together on a tight rope
For cutting that, there is no sword!
Silence is the language of love
Feelings make words redundant
What if, we never speak
Our communication has ever been abundant!!

I don't know how to thank you
For your eternal silence
That has been inspiring me
To use words on your behalf
Without your license!
Keep it up, my dear
I am enjoying your company
Your pictures, your songs

And your symphony!!

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