Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Cause of Discord in a Budding Relationship

Two persons meeting for the first time
And likelihood of a relationship, they find
Yet, none in decisive about their find
For both being in probing state of their mind
For not to repent later
By jumping into the matrimony
For mismatching and disharmony
Time passes by
Both coming to know each other better
Yet to differing degrees in the matter
Same way, they inch toward being decisive
And each to say yes or no without being coercive
In the prospective matrimony
Not to have mismatching and disharmony
At in-between stages
One person may decide favorably
While the other still indecisive amicably
If the other person too says yes
For the sake of being nice or to avoid fuss
Or for any other reason of their own gush
They come to discuss things with more precision
And begin facing problems during incision
This happens very often in such cases
Of whatever be their regions or races
Coming to a stage of parting company
For their mismatching and disharmony
For a relationship without later separation
Both need be honest in their expression
An expression of being decisive
With actually being indecisive
Can't be said being nice nor honesty
Doesn't deserve forgiving or amnesty
For the two seeking each other's company
Leading to mismatching and disharmony
In a serious discussion on the relationship
The decisive person rides an emotional ship
While the indecisive one plays clever tricks
To safeguard their interests with falsehood flicks
This may hurt any or both the persons
Bringing them to stage of parting company
For their mismatching and disharmony
There is no harm in taking time for the decision
Or waiting for coming up of certain situation
But honest expression of this is essential
For the relationship to be prudential
Or they be prepared to part company
For their mismatching and disharmony

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