Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Lover's Disgust

Shed all my tears, Holding my love as if gone!!

A beautiful woman, I loved for long
Stopped loving for going her wrong
Asked me why my love was so tenuous
My love was immortal, I had promised
But for adultery, it has been revised

Love generates passionate craving
For touches, kisses and more braving
Needing self-control and patience
Until situation ripens for furtherance
Without self-control until valid satiation  
It drifts to find ways of consummation

Same thing happened on her way
Felt frustration for me being away
She could not control, could not face
And drifted for consummation race
So, her love was tenuous not mine
I stopped loving for her famine
Of wisdom, patience and control
Until we could play our valid role   

If the woman, I loved most
As my heart and soul, at all cost
Drifts away for sexual pleasure
Consumed passions at her leisure
Didn't keep control to be mine
I was wrong to love her most
She deserved to be never mine

Though all women are never same
Some want wealth, some wish fame
But I feel never to love again
Any woman local or foreign
So deeply hurt and feeling pain
I feel love never showers rain
I would be happy being alone
Shed all my tears 
Holding my love as if gone

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