Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Excuse Me, Stability and Maturity!!

Maturity is a word used for a stage
For ongoing process coming to stoppage
With respect to ageing, its usage informs
That the person no more has growing norms
I wonder how people appreciate it
By tending to so wrongly interpret it
That the person has gained wisdom
Through their long experiential fiefdom
They presume that wisdom is limited
Going beyond that is not permitted
Word stability means no more change accepted
Appreciated only when decay was expected
In case of an equilibrium studied in Statics
A tussle of forces not to cause any dynamics
In case of a reaction, final outcome is yielded
With the reaction being complete
Or total depletion of reagents fielded
Thus, the stability too is a sort of maturity
Reached when final finish becomes a surety
What we often use a thing for symphony
Is its reactivity with others in the company
At stability or maturity, reactivity is vanished
For its usefulness, considerably diminished
Only thing matured things have and provide
Is strength attained after growth subsides
Maturity and stability in common usage
Are words lucrative in appeal of age
These are what have caused the damage
To human thought in psyche and gage
Maturity or stability indicate a stage
When reactivity comes to stoppage
What doesn't react to merge or get merged
Finds no usage, hence must be out purged
Or has limited usage under some strictures
Of temporal, spatial and situational factors
Stability or maturity is attained
When growth is totally absent
With onset of gradual decay
Like a seed sets on its way
Used for germination or in a mess
Else, it perishes becoming valueless
Anything used as food provide on consumption
Growth or maturity, they have in assumption
Seeds with maturity are made at end of blossom
Of fragrance, attraction and transformation
Of shining colors and procreative desires
Of flaring ambitions and lively fires
Hence bring maturity to the consumer
Ending their growing youthful flare
Stability and maturity are sisters twin
Born at end of life stream, never in between
Human intellect was blocked artificially
By enemies of humanity,
Though appearing scholars superficially
To sell these as achievements of the individual
With decay in psyche, pleased with the residual
Thus stability and maturity are the terminals
Of stream of present life in attendance
Of pleasures and fragrance in abundance
Hence, excuse me, stability and maturity
I would never like to achieve
Physical or emotional, temporal or spatial
And would like to keep away from those
Reaching the stage of stability and maturity
As my foods and in my company 


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