Sunday, May 8, 2016

Handling Doubts In a Relationship

A relationship is meeting of two hearts
Of different backgrounds and cults
Who can't understand each other so well
One likes something, other may hate
One reaches early, the other may be late
One thinks one way, the other differently
One may be perfect,
The other may fail to understand perfectly
Hence, doubts are possible
Until they know each other so well
And trust is enough, for doubts to quell
Until mutual trust is established
Both need care to be transparent
Not to create situations doubted
By not allowing any third in between
With spells and mists well guarded

Days are bright, nights are dark
All wrongs go in darkness of night
Making doubts to raise their head
If someone unjustly operates at night
Staying away from home without right
Saying Goodnight, still awake at night
Women being for hours at public place
Or closeted with men at midnight
Are often causes of parting away
Whatever be their mutual sway
Better such situations are averted
Or made transparent for being related

Relationship needs investment of time
For cultivation, as requirement prime
Thinking advance for each other's feel
Not to let doubts cover the trust as peel
Any doubt in one's mind once seeded
Earliest uproot by the other is needed
Justifying with being self-righteous
Without caring about what other tills
That is how the relationship, one kills

Assuaging hurt feelings of someone
Through the loveliest word 'sorry'
For a person winning a relationship
Is not a defeat but a sure victory
It is the relationship both must wish
If one's contribution is on diminish
The other must enhance their share
To succeed the relationship as rare
In a relationship, a person is the victor
Contribution to connection having bigger

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