Thursday, May 12, 2016

Whom to Love

Love is never for a person
But for beautitudes of the beloved
Appearance attractive, humor in heart,
Softness of voice, command on words,
Emotionally stable, sophistication at work,
Lifestyle simple, color sense in dress,
Artful in nature, kindness in conduct
And most importantly -
Morality in character, behavior honest
With a rider applied - nobody is perfect
Sky is missing in some, others miss the Earth
For any deficiency, compensation is a must

Love being purpose of the both
Both be serious in contributing their mite
Every contribution of the left palm to a clap
Needs equal support of the right

When one gets hurt, other must be curt 
To offer an instant 'sorry', even without fault
To save the love, not to hurt the lover
Revengeful reflection adds to feelings bitter
It's not a weakness but strength of love
Indicates how much they care for saving the love
Are considerate for love for one another

Persons adamant in their conduct
Self-righteous or self-centered
What the other feels or would feel
Remain unbothered
Looking for better options, once love is settled
Are not fit for love
Those without patience and stamina
Better keep away from this arena
It's a field where you forget what you gave
Without expecting, without being cared for
You feel final with what you have

Love is not a business for profit ever higher
And for choices ever better
Love requires transparency with nothing to hide
Nothing a secret, nothing to lie about
Doors open to each other far and wide 

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