Saturday, May 28, 2016


Lust is a flawsome phenomenon
Residing in body and mind of a person
With their attitude n conduct distorted
Normal humane standards disregarded
Arousing in them wild sexual desires
And blind them to others' morality fires   
Considered as mere objects of lust
For consummation at the earliest
When two dipped in lust find each other
Look for an opportune moment together
For consummation of their lusty desires  
Put their bodies and minds on nasty fires
Anybody found with non-lusty testimony
Becomes cause of discord and disharmony
Lust knows no limit, may go anytime
Morning, noon or evening, day or night
Lust knows no limit of age and relationship
Discarded as unwarranted social whip
Seniors going with their daughter-in-laws
Juniors going with their mother-in-laws
Lust is contagious spreads as a virus vicious
From one person to another making both curious
For the transient pleasures with no reference
Without consideration of any consequence
Lust proves often disastrous to relational ties
For its superficial coverage with white lies
Way to avoid a disaster from somebody's lust
Is to keep away at all costs from their burst
Not only the lusty, directly involved or related
But all in their vicinity or closely slated
Whatever be the relationship dearly or ajar
Or expected benefits from them, now or far
Love and lust have peculiar relationship
Lusty never love, lovers may go on lusty trip
If lust predominates may wreck the love
Love dominating, lust strengthens the love
So, lust is not bad in humans as loving surge
For its inheritance from our wild past urge 

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