Monday, May 2, 2016

Selling Love amid Lust

In my efforts for survival on lusty ground
Thought of producing something of value
And sell that to the people around
For having some food, clothes and shelter
To survive meeting needs bare minimum
Tried to produce again and again
Using wisdom and intellect I learned
Simplicity and innocence, I inherited
But failed again and again

Met people very successful
In business of life and flourishing
To learn the art I need to survive
Meeting my basic needs of life
They checked up and diagnosed me
With severely deficient in smartness needed
What they advised made me to astonish
For potential of uprooting all I cherish -
Wisdom and intellect, earned so hard
Honesty and integrity, learned to guard

They took me to their school
For teaching life with basic rule
How to make others fool
Be cunning, show innocence
Be cruel, yet exhibit kindness
Show love, be friend of lusty
Preach need minimal, enjoy luxury
This is religion of modern humanity
Some served in name of spirituality
Politically, it is being diplomatically

Their syllabus aims to demolish
All I learned, all I cherish
So, I ran out of school
With they chasing and me caught
I said, can't demolish my existence
Excuse me for my self-defense
Responded they with smiles fake
We don't want you to school
But tell not others
How we make others fool

I could create few words of love
With my own values and locus
Love with loyalty without chatter
Without scatter, but with focus
Lust may be parcel of love
Let it not subvert love
Love is light, lust is sound
Both going in circles round
Love is the need of all -
From the lusty to the forlorn
Love someone if you can
Forget where there were born
Went to market, tried to sell
My words of love without yell
Market is full with customers of lust
None wanting love as their choice first
They want lust, keeping love as reserve
To be touched when nothing else serve
Used often for exhibiting lust
Hidden behind mask of love

I got price but very low
Not sufficient to survive without bow
What do I do with feelings of love
Find no soil on which to sow

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