Monday, May 9, 2016

Welcome, May Rain !

Month of May beginning, applying endurance test
The Sun marching toward peak with heat at its best
People distressed for struggling with heat and sweat
Animals hiding in tree shades to save lives from heat
Plants morose in dry soil, crying for few water drops
It is raining now, fields expecting seeds for new crops
Sending waves of joy, visible in form of facial spikes
Of ground, houses, people, animals and plants alike
I usually like getting drenched in water rain brought
But not today, for being in prison of my thoughts
Of your togetherness walking with me in the rain
Shower impinging thirsty bodies, clothes getting wet
Joy abound of togetherness grabbing what we get
Holding hands, shoulders rubbing, bodies drenched
Naughty smiles on faces, thinking of next moments
Would be returning home, feel of cold to enter bed
Joyful imagination making me sad, I miss you so bad

Soil was suffering heat with feelings of insane
Now getting fragrant, meeting her darling rain
I can imagine how you feel for me being away
Eager to be fragrant like the soil in loving sway
I know your suffering as is mine for a long time

Hoping a rain to free us from our pains prime

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