Friday, May 20, 2016

What goes in Reading a Mind

No person as a whole
Is in the physique visible to all
But much more than that is visible
It's their mind that rolls the ball
Of life with thoughts in crucible
To provide a strong core to the body
Like a musical piece contains prosody
Views are not which are said by a person
But much more than that
What is not said and lies
In between lines, words and letters
Hence, to understand them fully
We need to have capability
Of reading in between words and letters
In addition to that is said loudly
This is what is called mind-reading
Expressions of mind are multiple -
Like silence on the issue involved
Like sudden reflective sound absolved
Like what eyes have to decipher,
Like What smiles may whisper,
Like what is imprinted on face,
Like how hands and arms race,
Like movements of legs and feet,
And like body stands or takes seat
Even in online messaging
Only words keep averaging
Statements don't make the whole story
But what is unsaid needs a theory
To read the whole intention
That may or may not be in the mention
No person is only present in physical fusion
But also their genes, instincts and intuition
Carries over their history of thousands years
Inherited from all their ancestors
Reading of mind needs all the information
That goes in the person's formation
And used up in their communication
Hence, familiarity is needed for mind reading
Talking to the person informally
Provides more clues than got formally

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