Friday, May 6, 2016

When I Wait for You

When I Wait for You
When I wait for you on the ground
With you not found
Feel you enjoying with stars bright
Away from me sitting in dark night
You keep me hoping, you keep me waiting
Ever since, we entered the bond loving
It is two thirty after midnight
Darkness spread all around
Clouds are thundering, may rain anytime
To quench thirst of the ground
I am sitting alone, waiting for you to come
And ask me about my pains
Give me your smiling company
To feel the pleasure when it rains
There is none else I can hope for
To sit with me and understand
What I need, what I expect, even as a friend
Because I exist just for you
I can wait only for you
You are too busy in wandering with stars
To stand wholly with me while I fight my wars
My love needs you even for few minutes a day
But you have no time, no intention, no way
What else can I do when you busy in starry rides
Except eloping in my painful tides
Never to disturb you, never to tell you
You are my love, I live just for you
Yes, you visit me being kind
With other things in your mind
Never to be fully with me to listen to my plight
With your full attention bright
You come rushing
Stay for a moment un-attentive
And go away rushing in your mood pensive
I keep on crying with none to listen
None to understand, how do I feel
Just for attention of yours, how do I reel


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