Saturday, May 14, 2016

Why to Love?

You need to work for earning money
Money needed to care for family's honey
Primarily, role of money is to meet survival needs
Secondly, presume money makes happiness seeds
At the most, money may provide -
Transient pleasures of lust and luxury
But never lifelong happiness treasury
For survival of the fittest to apply
Fittest are those who are the healthy
Health is physical state of body
And state of mind feeling happy
Both governed by nutrition from food
And physical work by the body
Happy person works better
Earns money without shatter
And hence survives better without clutter
Life is relational with happiness butter
Love too is a work, not leisure
That goes beyond transient pleasure
Only those who love and be loved
Find happiness as precious treasure
When you love, you need to know
Love nurtures life's bow and arrow
Love needs regular cultivation by the two
By investing time uttering coo
For love to keep growing without waterloo
Providing happiness to the two
Hence, for a life full of happiness
Limit working for money just enough to survive
Let rest of your time go for love-full life

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