Monday, April 25, 2016

Life - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

As a composition of instincts n intuitions
Gained from spirit of life in my neurons,
As carrier of experiments and expertise
Of all the past generations of humanity
Through my education formal informal
And character attributes, my ancestors
Embedded genetically in my psychology
I am here to perform human functions
With the best of my abilities n devotion

I committed a few mistakes yesterday,
Yester-month, yester-year, day by day
Each one sank me into failure of mission
Cost time, money and others in question
It's often considered a loss of resources
Earned previously with so much efforts
Yet, there is another way to see silver
Treat it as investment of resources sort
Into a research experiment for a lever
To know more about how efforts work
Under conditions of brick joining brick
Lesson learnt in failure to cross bridge
Between two shores of effort and result
Is an experiment to improve knowledge
Every success yesterday adds expertise
Not to fall down, while trying to up rise!

Today, I need inputs from the Cosmos
For doing my duty of taking humanity
One more step ahead of what I found
Today, I need value meals three times
For growth, health and to fight odds
Today, I need clothes to protect skin
From flying dust, sickly heat and cold
Today, I need a shelter to save myself
From odd Nature and cruel animals
To rest and sleep for my rejuvenation
And to have company of my dear kin
Today, I need education on experiences
Of past humanity through their books
Today, I need justice and governance
To protect me from social evils around

All the inputs I need, I can't produce all
Hence, need a market for exchanging
My produce with produces of others
With currency facilitating the exchange
Hence, I work today for earning money  
Today is my time to act with expertise
And experiments of yesterday in sight
And the education I got from contacts
Within family, in schools and in society
I am careful not to repeat my mistakes
Of yesterday, succeed like never before
To achieve quality-assured productivity
With use of intellect for more creativity

I do nothing tomorrow but what I carry
Forward from today, the day of actions
Hence, I need not to bother about it
But keep focus on today's deeds of mine
To make these with the best outcome
That would make my future to come up
In bright colors of happiness to enjoy
And memories grand about yesterdays

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