Sunday, May 22, 2016

Tear, a Drop of Water from an Eye

A drop of water from an eye
Falling on a page spread like blank sky
Imprints poetry of the moment
Of sorrows and painful sentiment
It matters not whose eye is that vanity
It is the loss of an ocean for the whole humanity
In dire need of watery eyes for its expression
Of Soft humane feelings of love and affection
A drop of water staying in an eye
Might create poetic pulses of a loving pie
And all that human emotions could say
For happier life of readers and listeners gay
All around on the Earth full of rejoice
Desirable as the only human choice
A drop of water from an eye
Flowing down to the cheek and get dry
Imprints a sad emotion on the face
Sad feelings in mind of human race
On elimination of of water filled eyes
On elimination of emotional guys
On elimination of imprints of poetic pulses
Full of love and affection impulses
A drop of water staying in an eye
Might be the cause of joyous ride
Pleasing many others and wiping sorrows
From their faces in gloomy burrows
Thus seeding the humanity with joys
Making lives fragrant and colorful toys
A drop of water from an eye
Gets lost in soil like a grain of rye
Whenever a beast defeats a pious soul
By replacing tender love with wild lusty role
Whenever the beastly lust procreates
An army of beasts on the Earth at high rates
Making the mother Earth to weep
For pious souls defeated in the sweep
A drop of water staying in an eye
Might produce whispers of modest try
Making a screen for the humanity
To distinguish emotional humans in rarity
From lusty beasts in plenty
Making two distinct Worlds on the Earth
Of beastly lust and humane worth
For saving tender loving souls
From onslaughts of lusty doles


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