Saturday, June 4, 2016

Five Glorious Moments of Life

Let there be no lifelong pleasure
Of company in a life partnership
Let there be no moment of pleasure
Of the most beautiful companionship
What life wishes is happiness of love
Through symphony of twosome
Life is not counted in years we live
Life is not counted by pleasures we get or give
But by richness of five moments of glory
In wholehearted company of someone
Remaining in mind as imperishable as ivory
The first glorious moment in life that lingers
Is a toddler first step holding parents' finger
The joy is unparalleled of that moment
For both the toddler as well as the parent
Second joyful moment is experienced
When the child scribes a line haphazard
On piece of paper holding pencil in hand
The moment marks the beginning
The child is made to find
Ways of the World civilized
Third moment of such glory is the intrinsic act
When a boy and a girl have the first eye contact
With tenderness of love full of innocence
Not even knowing what love actually unfolds
Driven by an amazing urge of their souls
 Fourth glorious moment arises from procreative instinct
When a person involves in sexual pleasure innately distinct
For the first time - touches, kisses and all like a bridge
That gets built in between them so naturally
With no prior knowledge, not even culturally  
And the last fifth glorious moment may come
When two persons with knowledge and experience
Jump together in a pool of love in brilliance
With intentions of giving everything of their own
To enrichment of love in between, no seed sown
No string attached, no outcome feared


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